Jason Butler

Good Morning Dinks. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have an emergency fund. Sometimes people need to find a quick way to make extra money. In life, emergencies do happen that may be out of your budget. How will you legally get the money that you need? In today’s post, I go over ten things that you can […]

Hello, Dinks. Many people have a hard time saving money. I have had up and downs with money over the years. Some years I had decent savings while others I didn’t. Over the past couple years, I started doing these things to help me save more money. They are easy, but a few of them take […]

In today’s stock market everyone wants to invest in the companies that give you a huge amount of return. And due to the lower cost and high return, everyone wants to invest in direct funds. Investing in direct plans gives you higher returns. Apart from this, direct investment plans are easily available and can be […]

Happy Friday Dinks. I hope all is well with you. I’ve discussed different ways to make money on here a few times. Today, I want to go over another way. Do you have any skills? Of course, you do. Everyone has a skill. Some people can sing, while others can dance. Some know how to […]

Hello, Dinks. The weather is warming up in most places. It’s one of the best things about spring. For whatever the reason, some people spend more money when it’s warmer. Whether you’re going out with your significant other or buying a couple of spring outfits, you should ask yourself a question. Do you have enough […]

In the past, I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes. I’ve spent money when I technically didn’t have it. I’ve also paid bills late because I was just pure lazy. Many people feel bad due to their financial decisions or situations. You shouldn’t feel that way though. It is very possible to make things better. […]

Have you ever wondered what is the credit score that everyone starts with? This question arises in everyone’s mind. It can be surprising to know that it takes around six months to get a square one only. Credit is not something you are born with. Turning eighteen doesn’t automatically set everything straight. Everyone has to […]

Hello, everyone. I’ve discussed several different side hustles over the years. Selling things on eBay is one of my favorite ways to make extra money. There’s another way for you to earn money selling items. It is Craigslist. Craigslist has been around for a while. I’ve used it to sell different things over the year […]