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by Team Dinks

Hi All,

There is a lot written about how couples can get along financially on the net.  There is so much in fact that it is sometimes hard to find good resources on how couples can get along financially.  To help you cut through all the junk on the web, here are several of the best resources we could locate.

1. Finance Guru Suze Orman did a pretty good interview on Her advice: communicate, communicate, communicate.

2. Loren Berlin at the Huffington Post has some thoughts about how to avoid fighting over your cash.

3. Ready for Zero has a pretty good round up of blog articles about couples finance. (We’ve got a couple of postings in there to, so you should totally check it out).

4. Money Management International has a whole ebook devoted to love and money. Clicky here. Its more about dating and coming up with gift ideas, but there are sections on getting integrated as a couple and dealing with divorce.

5. Scott Reeves from Forbes argues you should have a pre-nup.

6. SmartMoney has six mistakes that couples make. I think its a fine posting – they demonstrate the right way to integrate your finances as well as wrong way to integrate your finances. Check the article here.

7. Adriana Reyneri summarizes five key things millionaires feel couples should do before they get married.   The bottom line: discuss your goals, buy a house, delay having children until you are financially secure, go to marital counseling and check your partner’s credit score.  Click here for the goods.

8. Cameron Huddelston over at Kiplinger has a nice little round up of financial mistakes couples make.  Here is a hit, its probably not a good idea to spy on your partner’s credit or lie to them about how much you spend shopping.

Folks – if you know of any resources we should add to this list, feel free to drop us a line.


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