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Looking to find the best possible cell phone plan on a budget? Look no further! The research has been completed for you. In this article, we outline the best cellphone plans for couples so you don’t have to do any further research!

With interest rates incredibly low and the uncertainty around the stock market, many investors are beginning to park their money in more physical forms of assets like real estate. Home sales around nation are up and the demand for properties is through the roof! Do you want to get into real estate but you aren’t […]

Are you a new homeowner or maybe even a seasoned homeowner looking to make sure you are keeping up with all of your yearly maintenance? Look no further! Check out this list below for your annual home maintenance checklist for all seasons.

Wouldn’t it be nice to all of a sudden have triple the net worth than what you currently have? Well, geographic arbitrage makes that (and potentially way more) possible. In this article, we are going to dive into the topic and try to figure out what exactly is geographic arbitrage.

Society places a huge weight on the importance of being financially successful. Having a big house, fancy car, boats, and more money than you need is considered ‘The American Dream’. But what happens when you have all of that? What happens when you have plenty of money, material items, and time? What matters when money […]

Best Sides Hustles of 2020

by Gina DiMasi on September 13, 2020 · 0 comments

Looking to make some extra cash? Maybe it’s due to coronavirus or just looking to make some extra dough on the side, there are quite a few options when it comes to side hustles. This is a great thing. This means you have so many options and can narrow down your choice based on what […]

Ah, I remember the days when we used to be able to throw parties no problem. No masks, no social distancing, and of course, no COVID-19 but alas, we are in these very uncertain times that can be really tough for your social life (unless your an introvert and thriving – hellooo!). There are still […]

I have been a writer for DINKs now for over 15 months, expanding on topics from real estate to prenups, letting some personal information slip through some pieces here and there but never fully exposing myself. In this post, the goal is to take you on my personal financial journey and what building 7 streams […]