My Coronavirus Spending Trends

by James Hendrickson on April 30, 2020 · 0 comments

Maybe this is an obvious consequence of not being able to leave the house, but my spending has been down significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Here is my tracking for the Week of April 8th – April 12th of this year.

My coronavirus spending April 8th – 12th, left column.

So, here are my coronavirus spending trends:

$12.66 at Whole Foods. My local Whole Foods has a social distancing procedure with security guards, customer limits and the works. I would have bought more, but here in Portland, Whole Foods still has a premium grocery model and I’ve got a beer budget.

$36.91 at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer is basically the local Kroger. All of the local Fred Meyers I’ve been to have been full, their quality is good and their pricing is fair. I suspect Kroger will do well in the next couple months as people are going to be looking for inexpensive groceries due the countries economic problems. Ticker symbol: KR.

$4.25 YouTube Movie Rental. Yes, my coronavirus spending trends include renting movies on YouTube. I broke down on Sunday and shelled out for a mindless action film.  In retrospect spending $4.25 for a single movie is kinda dumb, especially when you could get access to tons of movies for $8.99 on Netflix.

The total is $53.82 in a week. This is way, way less than before the epidemic.

My Coronavirus spending trends are pretty typical.

Lastly, I’m not the only person who’s spending has plummeted. Marketwatch is reporting that spending was down by 7.5% from last month.  Also, there has been a lot of chatter on personal finance forums I follow about reduced spending (here).

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Full Disclosure: I own a few shares of Kroger and a bit of Amazon, the parent company of Whole Foods.

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