100 Important Money Questions Couples Should Answer Together Now

Money Questions

According to one of Russell Brand’s most recent YouTube videos, the number one reason why couples break up is lack of communication. We always hear it, but communication is truly key. It is better to overcommunicate than under-communicate. That is why I am bringing you these 100 important questions to discuss with your spouse to make sure you’re both on the same page. Plus, this is just another thing to keep you busy while quarantined.

First things first, it is important to look at all of these questions. However, some are more applicable to different stages of your relationship. Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, these all will help you and your significant other learn more about each other.

1oo Important Money Questions Couples Should Answer Together Now


1. What’s your first ever memory of money?

2. Did your parents tell you how much they made as a kid?

3. Did your family have a budget?

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? Would you spend it right away?

5. Did your parents fight about money?

6. What money habits did your parents teach you?

7. Do you prefer generic or name brand goods?

8. Are you a spender or a saver?

9. Do you think I am a spender or saver?

10. What are you comfortable telling me about your money?

11. What are your financial goals?

12. How far out do you plan these goals? 5, 10, 20 years?

13. How much money do you have saved (across retirement, savings accounts, emergency fund, etc.)?

14. How much money do you make?

15. What are your current debts (amounts owed, monthly payments and for what)?

16. What is your opinion on debt (good debt vs. bad debt)?

17. Do you like paying for things with cash or credit?

18. How much money do you save each month & where does it go?

19. Do you max out your retirement accounts every year? Do you have a 401k match?

20. How do you like to spend your “fun money”?

21. What was the last big thing you bought? Was it worth it?

22. How do you manage your money? Do you have a budget?

23. Do you carry a credit card balance?

24.  Do you have plans to return to school?

25. If you won $1 million today, what would you do with the money?

26. What are you working towards in your career?

27. What is your dream job?

28. What is your absolute dream vacation?

29. What leisurely spending do you refuse to give up?

30. What is your financial motivation?

31. Have you ever declared bankruptcy?

32. Do your parents pay for any of your current bills?

33. Do you currently owe money to any friends?

34. What scares you about money?

35. What do you wish you knew more about financially?

36. What would it take for you to feel happy about money?

37. What does having money mean to you?

38. What’s one money-habit that you admire about me?

39. Should we handle our finances together?

40. (If yes to #39) What is the max I can spend before I have to consult you?

41. (If yes to #39) Who will be in charge of paying the bills?

42. (If yes to #39) Who will be in charge of investing in our future?

43. (If yes to #39) How will we choose our financial strategy?

44. How much do you think vacations should cost?

45. Would you want to declare bankruptcy if we found ourselves in a tough spot?

46. Would you accept money from parents as help after we get married?

47. How many kids do you want to have?

48. Would you help your siblings financially if they needed it?

49. Would you rather invest in material items or experiences?

50. Would you ever be willing to see a financial advisor?

51. If you wanted to buy something expensive, how would you pay for it?

52. Say you get a bonus or some sort of extra cash, what do you do with it?

53. Do you support anyone else financially?

54. Do you want to own a house someday or rent forever?

55. How much would you spend on a wedding?

56. How do you plan on paying for a wedding?

57. Where do you want to go on a honeymoon?

58. How much would you spend on a honeymoon?


59. If only one of us has debt, will it become ours or stay the individual’s debt?

60. What do you want our financial life to look like?

61. Do you think we should get a prenup?

62. What is our risk tolerance financially?

63. Will we give money to charity? How much?


64. What do you like about our spending habits?

65. What is one thing you think we could improve on?

66. Have our financial goals changed?

67. Are we on track for those financial goals?

68. Are you scared about anything financially?

69. Do you have any accounts/bills/expenses I don’t know about?

70. What do you think about our current debt situation? Are we improving?

71. Is there anything we should change in regards to our debt strategy?

72. Are there any financial considerations for us as our parent’s age?

73. Do you think we’ll support our parents financially?

74. Do you think our parents will ever live with us?

75. Do you think you might get an inheritance? Do you factor that into our current financial plans?

76. Do you plan on leaving any money behind when we die?

77. What is our current estate plan? Do we need to get one together?

78. What would you say if someone wanted to borrow money?

79. What do you want our money to do for us that it hasn’t done yet?

80. What are our goals vs. needs?

81. What is our credit situation?

82. What does retirement look like to you?

83. What do we do with extra money or savings beyond these long-term goals?

84. Will we be saving and investing in joint accounts for these goals or separately?

85. Who will be responsible for the family’s financial planning?

86. What do you want to leave behind (for kids or others)?

87. Are Our Needs Being Met?

88. What Is Our Most Important Goal Right Now?

89. What Financial Choices Are You Ashamed Of?

90. Do you plan on paying for our children’s college education?

91. Do you want our kids to go to public or private school?

92. What would you want to happen to your money if you died?

93. How much will we spend to get fertility treatments or adopt if we have trouble conceiving?

94. What are the money lessons we want to instill in our kids?

95. Will we give our kids an allowance?

96. What do we wish our parents taught us?

97. Do we want to be able to help pay for grandkids school?

98. When we’re lying on our death beds, is there anything we would look back and be ashamed we didn’t do because of money?

99. Do we need more financial education?

100. What financial topic interests you the most (budgeting, investing, retirement, etc.)?

Wrap Up

Whether you ask all of the 100 questions or just some off the list, it is important to really listen and consider each of your partner’s answers. Their answers will give you a lot of insight on what means the most to them in life. Take advantage of this quarantine by getting to know your spouse to the best of your abilities.

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