Money Management

It doesn’t matter if you’re happily married or in the throes of a brutal divorce. You may have been a conscientious saver; you may have formed wise money-habits and are able to navigate narrow budgets with ease. But one morning you WILL wake up and feel the need to buy something – something stupidly expensive […]

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  A small business is legally defined as any organization that employs fewer than 500 employees or falls beneath an industry-specific annual receipts cap. Having 500 employees might seem extremely large for the majority of small businesses, however, since most smaller organizations employ closer to a few dozen employees at most.

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There are two types of loans that you might be familiar with: big loans, and small loans. Each type of loan covers specific items and purchases and will have different effects on your buying power and credit.

Most of us wish we could be as clutch as LeBron. Down here in reality, we’re miles away from keeping that level of cool under pressure. Most of us can handle a little bit of stress, but major anxiety can affect our thoughts and emotions, leading us to make more than questionable choices. Its power […]

Just about all of us has faced some sort of financial emergency. Unfortunately, they never come at a time when you have the means to deal with it. You’re doing well and then one day, a utility bill comes in the mail and it’s twice the normal amount with a shut-off notice, or you head […]

Everybody finds themselves in need of money right out of the blue, at some point in life. No matter how much you save, there can always be an opportunity or emergency with a cost that is outside of your capabilities. This will require you to either go without or to find a lender. If you […]

Success is always associated with wealth. Although you can be successful without becoming wealthy, most people who struggle financially consider financial independence as success. If you really want to succeed, clean up your finances and make an educated decision as to what kind of loan will take you on that path. Considering personal loans also […]

Unlike the rest of the world, many Americans still write checks. While most overseas businesses switched to electronic payments several years ago, in the United States, most businesses use checks over 50 percent of the time. Let’s look at reasons to still use paper checks. Checks Are Familiar Although the younger generations embraced electronic banking […]