Stuck At Home With Your Partner? Consider These Tips

stuck at home with your partnerThe coronavirus is in full effect here in the United States. While it is still too early to tell what the virus’ impact will be, there is plenty of chatter about the consequences of the epidemic for the economy.  This includes mass layoffs and discussions about aggressive quarantine measures.  Many companies are instituting work from home policies and Federal official are currently working on a massive bailout of the economy.

This is uncharted waters for most of the country.

However with everyone staying home, you are likely to get a lot of time with your partner in the next few days.  So, here are some thoughts from the Gottman Institute (a really good think tank for marital science in Washington State) that will make being stuck at home with your partner a bit easier, because let’s face it, being together under these stressful circumstances beats having to survive a long distance relationship during Coronavirus.

From their email:

If you’re currently holed up with your partner, you may start to notice things a little bit more.

Everything is amplified in close quarters—their quirks and habits, the things they do that are helpful, and the things they do that might drive you a little batty.

Make sure you’re paying attention to the things they’re doing right and the little things that make life easier or more pleasant for you, in addition to things that might annoy you. Fondness and appreciation are the bedrock of lasting love. Don’t forget to notice the good things!

“So, to survive and thrive during quarantine, couples should look for opportunities to show interest, find areas of agreement, express affection and appreciation and demonstrate empathy. And they need to do this during times of conflict. They should also recognize that worry, fear, stress and guilt are expected and normal reactions during quarantine and not criticize one another for expressing these feelings.”

Be kind to each other during this time. Slow down and be compassionate.

For more of their great stuff, check out the Gottman Institute’s site here.

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