Couples without kids enjoy the freedom to take a weekend or longer romantic trip when they want. Instead of giving each other another token gift, consider one of these romantic getaways.

At any age, money management can prove challenging. Emergencies and unexpected costs can arise without warning, wreaking havoc on savings. Of course, saving money is particularly challenging when your car breaks down, you catch the flu, and you drop your phone in the toilet in the space of a week. Young adults just starting their […]

Most people would agree that divorces can be nasty experiences that leave both parties exhausted and spiteful. It doesn’t have to be that way for everyone though. Amicable divorces are possible. They’re not always easy, but they are possible.

There’s a one-in-33 chance you’ll have your identity stolen in the next year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Those rates may be even less favorable for senior citizens, who often find themselves a desirable target for scammers. There are ways to prevent your risk of becoming a victim (or to protect your parents and other older […]

Every year, an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. And while many couples seem to be under the impression that destination wedding are extravagant and expensive, there are actually a number of ways to make your wedding more unique and memorable than ever by planning your big day in an exotic location. Here […]

There are plenty of guides out there that cater to individuals managing wealth and paying off debt. How do we tailor that information for couples, married or not, to best benefit them in their journey to financial security? Below, you’ll find a number of tips couples can utilize to gain better control of their income, […]

Going out from time to time is crucial when it comes to your relationship. You have to spend time with each other if you want to continue to grow together. Date night is something that you and your significant other should look forward to. I enjoy taking my lady from time to time. We try […]