Melissa Batai

As a DINK couple, you may find yourself and your partner in the enviable position of earning high salaries.  While having a high income is a nice reward for hard work, there are also drawbacks, one of them being the amount of taxes that you have to pay.  However, there are legal high income earners’ […]

Just imagine going to sleep in the night and getting out of bed the next day with cash in the bank. The fact is, there are many businesses that make money while you sleep or hang out with family or engage in any other activity. Having said that, here are a few of my favorite […]

As you age, you’re at an increased risk of a host of physical and mental ailments.  In the United States, “an estimated 5.8 million Americans age 65 or older are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2020” (  If you suspect your partner is afflicted, or if you’ve gotten a diagnosis, there’s no time to waste.  […]

Since my husband and I married, I have been the budgeter.  In the old days, my budget was done in a notebook with lined pieces of paper.  Now, I use You Need a Budget (YNAB) and have used it for several years.  There are five features that make YNAB an essential budgeting tool.

For some people, working from home during quarantine has helped them save money.  After all, they’re no longer paying for parking, gas, lunches out, work clothes, etc.  However, for others, quarantine boredom means that they’re spending a lot of time scrolling the Internet and buying things they need, but just as often, things that they […]

You may live for the thrill of investing and enjoy seeing your money in your portfolio grow.  You may also weather any stock market downturn with resilience, confident that what goes down must go up.  However, what do you do when your spouse is less than interested or even fearful of investing in the stock […]

  Every consumer has been somewhere before that they needed wifi very badly and none was available. Even if they found it, the wifi was spotty at best. Well FreedomPop seems to have an answer for this issue. It’s a wireless services that cost nothing and provides you with a great wifi hotpot, but is […]