Kimberly Jarret

Couples without kids enjoy the freedom to take a weekend or longer romantic trip when they want. Instead of giving each other another token gift, consider one of these romantic getaways.

While Black Friday sales were a record $6.22 billion, there’s still a lot of holiday shopping to be done. Many people will procrastinate and if this year is like last year, only 12% of American consumers will be finished with their holiday shopping by December 12. About 10% of shoppers will be looking for gifts […]

We have to eat to live, but are you spending too much of your money on food? The United States Department of Agriculture releases a monthly report on the cost of food. Couples who are on a tight budget spend an average of $493.40 a month, while some spend an average of $765.20. And, this […]

Young married couples with no kids may seem to have it all but lack one important tool for building their future – a good credit score. A new way of determining credit called the UltraFICO may help young couples and people who are trying to recover from financial distress.

Unless you are super wealthy or an excellent money manager, you have likely had a time where you ran out of money before your next paycheck and considered a payday loan. These loans, sometimes called small-dollar loans, are given to consumers who agree to pay them back by their next payday, or when they receive another […]

The number of cardless ATMs are increasing as most people now have some kind of cellular phone. These ATMs have been around for about five years, but the concept is still new to many people. A regional Midwestern bank, Wintrust Financial, was one of the first banks to offer a cardless ATM to its customers.

As the end of the year approaches, our minds turn to the holidays and a less than pleasant thought – taxes. Parents get a child tax credit for each dependent under the age of 17. Last year’s tax reform package increased the deduction from $1,000 to $2,000. Couples without any children don’t get the big […]