James Hendrickson

For those not in Portland, Oregon, here is the view from my balcony this morning around seven AM.  Oregon is on fire.  The haze in the air is heavy smoke from wildfires in the Cascade Range mountains.

I got up this morning and started reading the news.  Evidently there was another round of riots in Minneapolis, Oakland and aggressive protests in Portland, Oregon last night.  This comes on the heels of civil disturbances in Chicago and Denver earlier this month. Here is the latest from Portland.

One challenge with blogging is the more you post, the less useful and relevant things you have to say. In the rush to continually generate content, sometimes the relevance of many postings for building wealth falls by the wayside. In an effort to stay focused on generating useful information, I wanted to make our readers […]

This is a quick personal update and follow up on a previous article.  As you might recall a couple of months ago I realized my stock picking skills needed work.  So, I stopped buying individual banking stocks (UMPQ and ORPB) and I am focusing on index funds. I’m also probably going to get a paid […]

So it’s been a while since I posted a update about my Prosper.com investing. Prosper is an interesting business, if you’re not into peer to peer lending, you should consider checking it out.  Prosper is a company that basically offers a marketplace where lenders and borrowers can come together.  I’ve been lending with the company […]

File this posting under: people worth knowing about. There is so much noise in the investing community it is often hard to find good information.   Good sources get drowned out.  A notable exception to the crowd is Liz Ann Sonders.

Well, in case you haven’t been following the news, the country is in the middle of a coin shortage.  Well, more like a coin supply disruption. The main story is that because of Covid-19, the Federal Reserve Bank had to take steps to protect its staff.  As a result the U.S. Mint’s production of coin […]

Today’s posting is video of a question and answer session with Warren Buffett at the University of Florida. Warren is a clever man and a witty speaker and he provides a lot of detail on his investing philosophy in this talk. I’ve listened to it twice and found it even more useful the second time […]