Saved $323.76 With Just An Hours Work

Sometimes it is a good idea to periodically look at your expenses with a view to trimming the fat.  I had some spare time on Saturday and had at look at my internet, cell phone and subscription entertainment.

Called my cell phone provider, T Mobile, and switched to a plan that gives me the same level of service for $5 less per month.  The call took about twenty minutes.

Called my internet provider, Comcast, and switched to a plan that gives me 25% faster internet for $7 less per month.  I had to call a couple of times and suffer through some automated menus and waited a bit for an agent, but eventually got through to a live person.

Then I straight up cancelled Netflix and Disney Plus. That took about 5 minutes each.

So, for about an hours work, I’ll save about $26.98 per month (thats $8.99 for Netflix, $5.99 for DisneyPlus, $5 for T-Mobile and $7 for Comcast).   And, over 12 months, thats $323.76.  Not bad for an hours work.

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