10 Unique Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

by Jason Butler on September 30, 2016 · 3 comments

married-couplesHello, Dinks. I hope all is well. In previous posts, I’ve shared different date ideas for married couples. Those date ideas can be fun, but they seem to be the norm. I wanted to dig a little deeper. In this post, I have come up with 10 unique date ideas for married couples. The ideas range in price. Some of them are free, while others may cost a little bit of money.

Go to an arcade

Going to an arcade together is the first unique date ideas. You don’t have to be a kid to have fun in an arcade. There are numerous games that you can participate in such as Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Combat, and skeeball. You can play each other for prizes or for fun.

Dance lessons

Taking dance lessons can be very fun. For this date idea, you don’t have to have the most rhythm. If would help a little bit, though. There are a lot of different dance classes to choose from. The Fox Trot, Tango, and The Waltz are three popular choices.

Workout class

Attending a workout class with your significant other is another fun date. Working up a sweat is good for you. It means that you are burning calories. Zumba and Spin are two popular workout classes in the moment.


I will tell you one thing. Karaoke is pretty fun. I can’t sing at all, but I’ve done it a few times. Karaoke allows you to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and take yourself so seriously. A karaoke date will allow you to find out who’s the singer in the relationship.

Comedy show

A comedy show can be pretty fun. Laughter is good for the soul. Comedy shows can differ in price range. You can find them dirt cheap if the show features new comics. If the comics are well known, expect to pay a little more. Also, make sure that you do not sit in the front row. Comedians love to make jokes about the attendees especially if they are at the front.

Karate class

You guys can channel your inner power ranger by taking a karate class together. This another date where you will get your exercise. It could be very fun. Karate is good for flexibility and endurance.

Tour around the city

The next date idea is to take a tour around parts of your city. I’m not taking a walking tour, though. You have to do the tour using a trolley, riding a bike, or using a Segway. Those options may vary depending on what city you’re in.


Volunteering your time for a cause could be a great time. You and your wife or husband should find a charity that you like and then figure out what kind of volunteer opportunities they have.

Whiskey tasting

Whiskey tastings can be pretty fun. I’ve been to one before and had a good time. You get to learn how whiskey is made and you get to try several samples.

Make homemade pizza

The final unique date idea is to make homemade pizza.  The date idea allows you and your significant to work together on your pizza. You guys can experiment with a lot of toppings. My suggestion would be to leave the anchovies at the store.

Have you participated in any of these types of dates before?

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1 Jay @ ITF September 30, 2016 at 7:44 am

Thanks for the great list! Making home made pizzas is my personal favourite – I might even give it a god this weekend. Thanks again!

2 Matan October 2, 2016 at 10:56 am

Nice One!
Well, although I’m now with 3 kids. I have an Idea. You can go together to Disneyland and have the time of your Life
I’m writing this with a baby On My Head :)


3 Money Beagle October 4, 2016 at 1:14 pm

My wife doesn’t like whiskey but she does like wine, so we do that occasionally.

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