Can we ever really be settled?

by Kristina on October 9, 2014 · 3 comments

3131314633_ffc49d36bb_zGood morning Dinks.  Nick and I recently moved and we are still getting settled in but I have to tell you I love our new apartment.  Both our lifestyles and our living situation got an upgrade from where we were just a couple of weeks ago.  We moved to our previous apartment after the market crash and it was supposed to be a temporary situation.  Six years later we finally moved out and our new apartment is awesome.

Location, location, location

We went from 570 square feet to 1100 square feet, we went from doing dishes to having our own brand new dishwasher and we went from sharing laundry with 21 floors of students and old people to  being able to do laundry at any time in our own high efficiency washer and dryer.  Yes it’s safe to say my life and my relationship just got a lot better.  I know it may sound weird to say that an apartment can help a relationship, but in our case it’s true.

Over the last few days everywhere I went all people want to talk about is our move; my family wants to see photos, my Dad wants to come and help us assemble furniture, my chiropractor wants to know how my back is holding up and my co-workers want to know how the move went.

The more I talk about the move I’ve come to realize that everyone has an opinion about moving; some people love it because it signifies a new beginning and some people hate it because it’s a lot of work.  I have to tell you it’s definitely a lot of work, it’s been over two weeks and we still have boxes that aren’t unpacked.  However this move is definitely worth the work because our new apartment is great and it’s in a fantastic neighborhood.  The last time we moved it was a personal defeat because we were broke after the market crash, but now we got our s&^t together and we deserve this great apartment after living in a teeny tiny apartment for six years.

How long should it take us to be fully settled in?

We haven’t moved in a really long time so I’m not sure how quickly we should be moving along.  My mom told me we should be settled in within a month and totally set up with how we want the apartment decorated within the year.  My goal is to do it within six months.

Our new apartment has a lot of character and several of the fixtures act as decor so I’m not expecting to spend a lot of money on home furnishings.  Especially since we already spent over $500 on new items for our apartment at Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.  Believe it or not those expenses were all for functional items such as laundry detergent, garbage cans, a ladder and other household supplies.  We knew there would be extra expenses because we moved to an apartment with more than double the space.  But after a new bedroom set, a new dining room table and a new sofa the expenses are still coming.

When I stand in our new apartment and look around I’m not sure we can actually ever be settled in because a home is always a work in progress, right?  If I look at my mom she always has a home project on the go; she’s always buying new pillows, painting walls and right now she’s renovating her upstairs bathroom.  So I’m not sure we’ll ever be  completely done.

How long did it take you to get settled into your last home?

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1 Kathy October 9, 2014 at 9:22 am

Congrats on the move to a bigger place. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule about settling in. With apologies to your mother, if you are working I see no reason to put a month’s deadline on being settled. It took us over a month the last time we moved and we are retired! But hubby had to build shelves and a workbench in the basement and book shelves for me. All of this took place during the winter after we moved in late September so I’d say maybe 6 months is more realistic. Just don’t let it stress you out.

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