Update from Oregon III

by Dual Income No Kids on June 28, 2006 · 0 comments

Hello All,

Thanks for reading, checking in or checking back, as the the case may be.

Our nuptials are fast approaching, so Miel and I have been busy dealing with an increasing procession of friends and relatives, and we have been running around taking care of many small details. However, our family has been great, so things haven’t been as hectic as they could have been.

In terms of finance, there have been a few updates

1) Account Consolidation: You’ll recall a couple of weeks ago that wanted to consolidate some of our accounts. We picked up the forms to roll our DRIP accounts in our Schwab investment account a couple of days ago. After things calm down, we should be able to fill these out and send them in.

2) Wedding Expenses: Miel and I sat down yesterday and went over our budget. It looks we are over budget, but only by about $1,500. Fortunately we were able to cover the shortfall with some funds from my most recent tax return, so we are on otherwise on track for both our wedding and honeymoon expenses.

Thanks for reading!



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