Justin Weinger

Owning traditional stocks, commonly called equities, and trading them via a bank or broker is one of the most common ways that people engage in the buying and selling of investment-grade securities. The system has been around for more than a hundred years and will probably never go away because, as some say, that’s just […]

Marijuana can be used to treat a number of different conditions. It’s not uncommon for people who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, seizures and chronic pain to turn to cannabis as a way to help alleviate their symptoms to get their lives back on track. When it comes to actually using marijuana, people in New […]

As COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world increase by the day, people are scrambling. Businesses are closing, schools are shutting their doors, and grocery stores are struggling to keep up with demand. This isn’t the first economic crisis these generations have seen (remember 2008?), though, and it probably won’t be the […]

There are millions of budding entrepreneurs out there who have failed to launch their new business ideas due to a lack of capital. While it’s not easy to get capital for launching a startup, there are several ways you can quickly raise capital and get started. Here are five clever ways of getting funding for […]

Whether you are trying to pay off debts, save up for something specific, or just want to have more disposable income, there may be points in your life when you need to earn extra money. You could get a second part-time job, but these can be hard to come by and time-consuming. You might have […]

If you’re operating a niche business, sometimes your customer base is spread over a wide area. That can be a challenge when you’re trying to run something the size of a mom and pop operation and your customer base is national, because it introduces shipping and payment challenges, so you will need a good payment […]

Making the leap to investing rather than saving your money is a big decision and one you wouldn’t have taken lightly. Once you’ve made it, you must then find a person you can trust more than almost anyone else in your life: your investment advisor. You will entrust what may potentially be a significant chunk […]

Gold prices fluctuate for several reasons. The yellow metal is considered a safe-haven asset. It is also considered a hard asset that can be used as a hedge against rising inflation. Gold is viewed as an alternative currency that will outperform when other currencies are unattractive. Investors can buy gold, using several methods, but can […]