Peace of Mind While Shopping Online

by Kristina Tahnyak on October 18, 2010 · 0 comments

DINKS let me ask you a question…Have you recently bought anything online?

If you have, the website may have asked you to enter a Secure Code if you were paying with a MasterCard.  Or, you may have been asked for a password with Verified by VISA if you were paying with your VISA card.  It’s true; we now have a new added security feature for extra protection against theft and fraud while shopping online and you can also find out  which websites are unsafe while shopping.

Previously for extra security and protection against fraud, while we shopped online we were required to enter our CVC number. This is better known as the last 3 digits on the back of our credit cards. The logic behind this is if the “frauder” had stolen or copied our credit card number and expiry date, he/she would not have the secret three digits on the back of our credit card.

Now, in addition to entering our card number, the expiration date, the CVC number, and our address, we are also required to enter an additional password which we have created specifically for our MasterCard or VISA.  Once we create our password it will be good for all online purchases with our Credit Cards. We do not need to create a password for each website that we visit and/or where we shop.

What was your last online purchase?

I always shop online at Victoria’s Secret and EBay. I shop at Victoria’s Secret because we don’t have any Victoria’s Secret stores in Canada.  I like shopping on eBay because I don’t have to search all around the city to find unique novelty items.  All I have to do is type in a key word search.

I also love PayPal as a payment method while shopping online. I think it’s a wonderful service that protects all of my purchases and keeps records of all my transactions. I am becoming such an online shopping snob that if a website (like Steve Madden) doesn’t offer PayPal I won’t shop on their site. My favourite recent items that I purchased off of EBAY:

  • Breakin the movie.  This was a classic from my childhood about LA street dancers in the 80’s. It’s such a great movie and I couldn’t find it anywhere except on EBay
  • Gillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD.  With a lot of recent drama in my family I really needed to start focusing on my own inner peace. I didn’t want to buy a DVD for $17.99 at a store, when I could purchase a brand new copy off of eBay for $8.99 and have it delivered right to my door.
  • A black fedora and Kangol newsboy cap for my Dad.  I love online shopping because I can pay for my items and have them shipped to another address. Since I don’t live in the same city as my father this is especially helpful and hassle-free during the holidays. I usually don’t buy items from individuals on eBay; I prefer to shop through online eBay stores.  Some of my favourites are Shoe Metro and Discount DVD Source.

Whether we pay for our online purchases using our credit cards or using PayPal I am sure that it’s safe to say that online security has definitely improved. We should rest assure that our online purchases are protected.

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