What Matters When Money Doesn’t Matter?

by Gina DiMasi on September 14, 2020 · 0 comments

What Matters When Money Doesn’t Matter?

Society places a huge weight on the importance of being financially successful. Having a big house, fancy car, boats, and more money than you need is considered ‘The American Dream’. But what happens when you have all of that? What happens when you have plenty of money, material items, and time? What matters when money doesn’t matter?

So, What Matters When Money Doesn’t Matter?


This question is incredibly personal and for obvious reasons can vary based on the individual. However, for most people, when money doesn’t matter they chase dreams that they didn’t have the time to chase before. Some examples of these include:

  • Helping starving children
  • Rescuing animals
  • Finding homeless people jobs and temporary housing

A common theme you see with folks that either hit their financial goal or run into a large sum of money and no longer need to trade time for money is that they follow thier heart into philanthropic endeavors to try to help leave a mark on the world and better the human race.


Another commonality between those who have everything they could ever imagine is the extra focus on family and friends. They want to build deeper relationships with those that they love. Bonds that go deeper than any sort of financial dependency. Those with more than enough money, therefore not focusing on it anymore begin to focus on making sure each member of their family and closest friends are truly happy and have anything they could ever need from life.

Additionally, they always want to make sure they have a legacy plan set up so that if they ever leave the earth earlier than they expected, their loved ones are fully taken care of.


Lastly, they want to help those who want to be in their shoes. They now have the time and experience to give helpful advice and any sort of beneficial information to those seeking success in their field.

A lot of times, these folks with writing a book once they have the time or even start mentorship programs.

I can speak from personal experience, I have a real estate mentor who started helping those who wanted to be in his shoes someday as soon as he hit his biggest real estate goal and could pump the brakes a bit. He wants to give back and make sure his talent is put to good use not only for himself but for others as well.

Final Thoughts

While there is so much emphasis placed on financial security and while I do think it is important, it is not the end all be all. Philanthropy, relationships, and mentorships still matter even before reaching your financial goals. Keep this in mind. As the Emerson quote goes, the “It’s not the destination, It’s the Journey”. Afterall, keep in mind, ‘What Matters When Money Doesn’t Matter‘ is completely dependent on YOU!

As always, keep hustling, and best of luck on your financial journey! 

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