How To Make & Maintain Profitable Websites

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How To Make & Maintain Profitable Websites

Websites you say? That is correct. A website can be a great investment especially for those looking to build up a monthly cash flow to live off of. Websites can also be as hands-on or hands-off as you, the investor would like. Whether it is a food blog or the next New York Times, I urge you to consider this type of investment. That is why in this article we will be looking at ow to make & maintain profitable websites.

How To Make & Maintain Profitable Websites… but Why Websites?

Great question! Websites are far different than investing in the stock market. When you boil them down, they are a business. You are providing some sort of good or service to a customer and trying to increase the number of customers you have OR increasing the price at which you provide this good/service.

Once a website is set up and content is being produced, there is an incredibly amount of opportunity when it comes to income. There is no cap on income like there is with an hourly job when you are only earning money while you are working. Also, there is the opportunity to hire out writing, editing and SEO to freelancers so you theoretically wouldn’t have to be doing any work.

Not to mention that if you set up your blog and articles to have strong SEO rankings, and let’s say you rank on the top page of a google search, then you are earning income even while you sleep. As long as people are continuing to click on the link to your website’s article, you will be gaining traffic and earning an income.

Websites provide a limitless earning potential.

The Process of Building a Blog

There are countless articles out there and even YouTube videos that walk you through step-by-step how to set up a blog and start producing content, so we are only going to touch on these points at a very high level.

Step 1: Figure out what you want to blog about (what has a strong income potential) and thinking of your domain name (blog name)

Step 2: Buy that domain name and also a hosting plan

Step 3: Set up the theme of your website and the aesthetic of the page. This is important, clean websites keeps your viewers coming back.

Step 4: Begin writing and publishing articles OR hire freelance writers to write articles on topics of your choosing. This is where you want to make sure you are keeping SEO in mind to drive the most amount of readers to your blog.

Step 5: Sign up for advertising websites or reach out to companies whose goals align with yours and would want to place ads on your website.

Step 6: Look for and sign up for affiliates that make sense for the niche you are in. These links will be included as recommendations within your articles.

Step 7: Create courses, ebooks and other digital products for another stream of income from the blog.

Maintaining Your Website

While creating the blog is vital to any success, actually maintaining your blog even when you aren’t seeing the results you would like is incredibly important as well. Most bloggers quit blogging before even reaching the one year mark, so make sure that you remain patient and just keep your eyes on the prize. You want to make sure you are maintaining your blog so that when it does launch in viewers, you can keep it growing.

These are key steps in maintaining your blog:

Step 1: Continue to post articles frequently on relevant topics. Even better if you search for topics that aren’t as commonly written about so you have a higher chance of ranking on googles first page.

Step 2: SEO is constantly changing. Make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and learn how to enhance your blog to increase viewership. This can also mean revisiting old articles to update htem.

Step 4: Potentially pay for marketing. This could mean in the form of Facebook ads to get people to click into your website or it could also mean hiring someone to market for your blog to increase the number of monthly visitors.

Step 5: Focusing on other key trends within your niche and even joining groups/masterminds to learn what has worked for others within your industry.

Final Thoughts

Websites can be incredibly lucrative if you are willing to put in the necessary time and money into them. Every single website owner who has seen success may tell you a different story but there is one thing in common, success didn’t just happen overnight. Patience is key and time plays a significant factor in the profitability of your blog. Anyways, hope you learned more about how to make & maintain profitable websites. Are you considering starting a blog of your own?

Do you have a blog? If so, what has worked for you when it comes to producing a monthly income?


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