6 ways to save $20 today

by Kristina Tahnyak on November 17, 2014 · 3 comments

Need to save money fast? Here are six ways you can save $20 today!
As you know I’m always looking for ways to save money – always, absolutely any way I can.  I’ve become very money conscious over the last month and this is how I’m saving money absolutely every single day. Here are a few ways to save $20 today:

Avoid food at the movies.  I love going to the movies and there is nothing better than a big bag of buttery popcorn and a diet coke to make a night out at the movies even better.  However spending $20 on one drink and a bag of popcorn just isn’t smart.  Bring your own snacks or eat before and save yourself some money.

Cut out dinner – lunch is cheaper.  Sometimes it’s nice to go out with friends after work to grab some drinks or dinner but trust me when I say going out for lunch is a lot cheaper.

Cut out two lunches.  I love buying my lunch, mostly because I’m lazy and partially because I can’t cook very well.  However with a little effort I’ve committed to bringing my lunch to work three days a week.  Sometimes my lunch looks like something a school girl would eat but it helps me save and that’s OK with me.  Cutting out three lunches a week is helping me save at least $30 a week.

Put back that shirt – you don’t need it.  Sometimes I’ll be walking around and I see a really cute sweater so I go into the store and try it on only to discover it’s also on sale.  I used to consider this a sign from the shopping Gods.   If it looks good on me AND it’s on sale I MUST have it.  That used to be my mentality, but not anymore.  Now I only shop if I need something, not just because something is a good deal.

Get over your vices.  This is probably my biggest challenge.  I am addicted to lip gloss and nail polish.  You can stop me absolutely anywhere and the odds are I have at least three different lip glosses on me at any given time.  I pick them up any time I see one I like and if I find one I really like I buy it in massive quantities.  I mean who needs to buy 5 lip glosses? No one.  This has been more of a mental obstacle than a financial one, but slowly I’m getting over it.

Just say no to the happy hour.  I don’t know about your workplace but at my office it seems like I’m always being invited to a happy hour for someone’s promotion, departure, birthday or bridal shower.  If I say yes to one I feel obligated to say yes to the others and before you know it I’m going out after work three nights a week.  Drinks can be expensive so try to keep the happy hours to a minimum.  A polite way to stay on good terms with your co-workers is to alternate and go out every other week or suggest celebrating once a month for everyone.

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1 moneystepper November 17, 2014 at 5:12 am

Good tips.

Going out for lunch is also better for you! Meals at restaurants tend to be less healthy than those made at home. Therefore, eating the more calorific meals during the daytime is generally considered more healthy than at night time.

Plus, when the weather is good, I find eating outside a much more pleasant experience than eating inside.

2 Kurt @ Money Counselor November 17, 2014 at 11:40 am

How about the seemingly weekly donation request at the office for someone’s birthday / anniversary / wedding / etc. gift? I always found it impossible to say no! Any advice for handling these?

3 Kayla @ Everything Finance November 17, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Good tips! I have trouble with eating out and shopping too. Clothing items on sale are super hard to resist, but I’m getting better at it slowly but surely!

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