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by Kristina on September 15, 2014 · 1 comment


Good morning Dinks.  This week I was assigned to a new project at work.  I will be working with a team I’ve never worked with before and so far let me tell you that I’m not impressed.  As a community manager I get pulled in to a lot of different projects when people want a social media aspect, but at the same time I’m used to working alone.

My job is to go in listen to the project manager and come up with some creative ways to integrate social media into a campaign or product launch.  To be honest it’s a really cool job (and if the higher powers are listening I would like to keep it after my company is sold to our competitor) but sometimes it’s hard to start fresh with a new team every time a project starts.

Should there be business standards in the workplace?

I know that everyone doesn’t work the same way but there are some basic business practices that should be standard for all professionals – regardless of where you work or what you do.  I know that I have my downfalls, trust me I do, I am extremely organized – some may even say anal.  I could definitely be a little more laid back but I’m just not.  I like to work and get the job done so I can move on to something else – that’s just how I am.

Climb the ladder with proper business etiquette:

Don’t be a slacker.  There is nothing more that I hate in the world than people who don’t work.  I don’t mind if people don’t work on their own time, but when your work affects other people’s jobs it’s a good idea to be on the top of your game.  Missing deadlines can have a huge impact on several other lines of business and it’s always the first thing the boss wants to know – did everything get done on time?  If you want to get ahead at work be at the top of your game.

Be on top of everything.  There is nothing worse in business than waiting around.  I have a personal rule to try and answer all emails within 48 hours because anything other than that is way too long.  I know that many people have time sensitive jobs  and they can’t sit around waiting for an answer.  When people wait they get frustrated and that can lead to a complaint.  The last thing we want is someone complaining to our boss that we aren’t doing our jobs – right?

Don’t be late – ever.  Running into a meeting late is like being late to class – it’s embarrassing and when you walk in everyone turns around to stare at you.  That is incredibly uncomfortable.  Not only that but when employees are late managers have to make excuses for them and managers don’t like to look bad.  Actually no one wants to look bad at the office, so try to always be on time.  I don’t like to book back to back meetings because almost guarantees I will be late for some of them.

What’s your best tip for getting ahead in your career?

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1 Kirsten September 15, 2014 at 6:55 am

The way to get ahead at my company is too talk the language – never ever give bad news and use lots of buzzwords together. Totally frustrating since I’m a very forthcoming and honest project manager. Clearly I’m going nowhere – but if I wanted to, I could. It’s a matter if recognizing office politics and playing the game.

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