I Got Robbed… Again!!!

by Kristina on May 30, 2011 · 1 comment

That’s right! Last Monday my bank branch got robbed…again. It was exactly the same time and day as the previous week.  I hope this doesn’t mean that every Monday at 11:30 am we are going to get robbed.

I honestly do understand why someone would rob a bank; the reward is definitely not worth the risk.  On both occasions the bank robber walked away with less than $2500.  Both bank robbers were apprehended by the Police and now they are going to jail and bad things are going to happen to them.  This bank robbing duo should have just looked for regular jobs because they could have made $2500 in a couple of weeks, and their income would be sustainable.

It is rumoured that our two bank robbers were brother and sister. My branch manager made a joke that the sister robbed our bank branch because she needed bail money for her brother who was put in jail last week.  We can now joke about the situation because no one was hurt and both bank robbers were caught by the Police.

It was my 4th bank robbery but my first time (at the bank) being interviewed by a Detective.  It was also the first time that my bank branch has been robbed by a woman. She was apprehended by Police the day after the robbery.  The key eye witness? A Taxi Cab Driver.  Last week the female bank robber arrived and left our bank branch in a Taxi Cab.  Needless to say the Taxi Cab Driver provided a description of the female bank robber as well as her home address where he picked her up as well as the address where he dropped her off after the robbery.

There are two things, actually 3 things that I really hate in life. The first is people who use and abuse their power to take advantage of other people.  This usually includes men who attack women and adults who hurt children; however it now includes bank robbers.  The second thing that I really hate in life are people who feel that they have the right to something that is not theirs, this usually includes people who collect welfare as well as people who demand alimony; however this now includes bank robbers.  The third thing that I really hate in life is people who don’t shower and feel it is ok to go out in public unwashed.

I am honestly not sure why people rob bank branches, other than the fact that they don’t get a lot of money, the odds are very high that they will be caught by Police.  Our particular bank branch has 2 security guards present at all times throughout the day.  They don’t have weapons, but having security guards present should be an intimidation tactic; I guess it’s not working. The possibility of being robbed is always a risk that we accept as bank employees, thank goodness usually no one is hurt.

I know that easy access to money may be tempting for some people, but honestly robbing a bank branch is really not worth it.

Photo by Emily Dickenson

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1 youngandthrifty June 11, 2011 at 2:37 am

Perhaps they were really desperate? I guess so desperate to not even realize that the odds are stacked against them.

I hope your bank branch doesn’t get robbed again! Maybe they should put some signs up that say “its futile, the police will catch you”. :)

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