Achieve More: Give it All You’ve Got

by Dual Income No Kids on September 4, 2009 · 0 comments

Contemplating the ways of personal finance, I thought I’d bring our readers a few meandering thoughts on the topic.

It has been said that half of life is just showing up. While I can see some merit to the argument that at least being physically present gets you somewhere, it certainly doesn’t get you far enough.

For example, showing up at the gym is good for the ego, but unless you are giving it your all, you’re still unlikely to reach your goals.

For kids, my thought is that it is better to be fully present only some of the time, than around all of the time but never really engaged.

The same goes for money. You can go through the motions of budgeting, watching what you spend, even investing, and still your heart may not be in it.

If you are wondering why the change you seek is illusive, ask yourself what more you can do. I bet you there is something.

My challenge to you. If it means something you, if you really have a serious desire for change or achievement, put your all into it. Make your energy count. Don’t just do it, but do it well.

Let’s face it, that sounds great in theory, but there are times when you will stray from your ever so ambitions goals. Just as in meditation, when your attention wanders, bring focus back to the present.

Remember what gets you excited about exercising, spending time with the people in your life, or saving for a specific goal.

Leave just showing up to your cube mate. If you really want to get ahead, give it all you’ve got and be present in each moment.



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