Cage Owes IRS $6.23 Million

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Well it looks like yet another celebrity is having problems with the tax man.

The State of Louisiana has slapped a Federal tax lien on a house owned by actor Nicolas Cage. The lien states that Cage owes $6,257,000 in unpaid income taxes.

Cage has a history problems with the IRS. In 2008, The Huffington Post reported the IRS has accused the actor – whose real name is Nicolas Coppola – of using a shell company to illegally deduct personal expenditures including limousine rides, meals and expenses related to his Gulfstream 1159A turbojet (1). Reportedly also, the actors jet has been grounded due to nonpayment of bills to the management company (1).

While its difficult to know the root of Cage’s problems, the thespian shows a predilection for big spending. Cage owns a number of houses in the U.S. and in Europe. These include luxury properties in several states and an English castle. Cage is also a connoisseur of high end sports cars – at one point paying over $490,000 for a Lamborghini P400 Miura SV J. So, probably whats going on is that Cage has a hard time controlling his spending – thus resulting in the periodic problems he’s had paying his bills. Cage is at the opposite end of the spectrum of those who are “extremely frugal.”

Here is the lien the state placed on Cage’s New Orleans property.

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