Tuesday Link Round Up

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Hi All,

It’s Tuesday, that means its time for the link round up.

1) Suze Orman is changing her advice. Instead of arguing that people should pay off their credit card debt, she is now saying that you should build up your emergency fund. The reason being is its much harder to borrow against your credit cards or home equity these days if you fall onto hard times (SuzeScoop).

2) On a similar note, personal finance stalwart Jane Bryant Quinn advocates moving out of stocks and into cash and bonds (Bloomberg).

3) Helaine Olen at Slate says most personal finance advice over the past 30 years has been trash. Who’s to say she’s wrong? (Slate).

4) CNN says frugal is now hip. Amen. Check it out for living frugal tips and how to add the “live frugal” mindset into your own life. (CNN).

5) Evidently, garage sale proceeds are taxable, but only if you have capital gains (DMWT).

6) Official statistics say housing is looking better, Zero hedge says its a false indicator. You decide (Bloomberg, ZH).

7) If you’re interested in something a bit more thrilling, Master Your Card has the story of Christy the bank teller. Christy’s bank got robbed – twice (MYC).

8) Malcom Gladwell is at it again. It’s a bit off topic, but Gladwell has an interesting mind. This time he explains how underdogs can win in contests against opponents vastly superior in strength and talent. In it, he advocates that that the Federal Reserve should make its monetary adjustments in real time, via a computer. (NewYorker)

9) Yes Virginia, there are millionaires next door. Check out JD’s blog posting on his millionaire neighbor (GRS).



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