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If you have a few spare moments, and are looking for some finance related amusement, you might consider checking out spendster.org.

The site offers insights into spending mistakes. Stuff people bought that they regret. You know…all that junk that’s in your closet. Everybody does it Spendster has done a good job of making these mistakes fun. You can even add your own spending mistakes.

The video section is one of the best parts of this site. Some of the fun clips we watched were spending money on shoes rather than saving to go to Italy, complete with a peppy Sex and the City sound track. Another fun video was someone going through a self storage unit setting to ominous music from star wars. The best part about the videos is they are all user generated content, so the website is totally grassroots – there isn’t a hidden advertising agenda.

Spendster also has a chat section and some fun calculators to see the real costs of buying stuff you don’t need. Some of the assumptions of the calculators are a little simplistic, but the content and layout of the site gets the point across in a fun way. Check it out if you’ve got some spare time. Spendster.org.


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