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by Dual Income No Kids on April 13, 2008 · 0 comments

Yesterday Miel and I attended a very nice wedding given by good old friends here in Eugene, Oregon. The ceremony was at a lovely Lutheran church with friends and family, with the reception at a nearby restaurant with a great view. Both the bride and groom are local business people so the food was good and they didn’t skimp on the decorations.

In honor of the wedding we attended yesterday, here are some tips you might consider when saving money in your own wedding planning:

1) Plan, Plan, Plan: If you sit down a year ahead of time and work out a budget as well as a way to cover your expenses, you’ll minimize the chances of having major expenditures crop up at the last minute.

2) Save on your Wedding Dresses: Consider paying less for the dress you want, borrowing one, or even renting one. Most of the time the dress just ends up in storage. If you’ve got good pictures you probably won’t miss spending the extra cash on the dress. One tip is to go dress shopping and bring a pad of paper to write down notes on your favorites. You can likely find one that the dress is available online or at an outlet wedding site. If you’ve already tried it on and love it, there is less risk in buying it from a cheaper place.

Miel found a fabulous one that was the cheapest – and nicest – dress she tried on. She found a big difference in where she shopped. Across the street from the boutique she bought it at, the dresses were nearly twice as expensive as they were in a more rural place near where she grew up. The dress she found was incredible, on sale and in her size. We didn’t miss having to spend hundreds more on a more expensive gown.

3) Have a Morning Wedding: Our friends did this yesterday. This was a smart move because it lowered their expenses for alcohol, since the reception was at 2:00pm. As a result, nobody really wanted to go back to the bar for a second or third drink. I’m not sure but their food and venue rental expenses might have been a bit lower because of the timing as well. So, if you are looking to shave a few dollars off your bar expenses, consider a morning instead of an afternoon reception.

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