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by Dual Income No Kids on January 23, 2008 · 0 comments

It might be a random topic, but I thought might enjoy a few finance related tidbits about Singapore. First I’d like to say that Singapore is a truly lush and fabulous city, certainly one of the most beautiful and well run in the world.

Home ownership is big in Singapore. In fact, 95% of the population owns their own home. It is safe to say that there is no sub-prime lending crisis around here. 83% of the population owns their own government subsidized apartments and the remainder buy through private lenders since they don’t qualify for subsidies.

Road meters are similar to what folks find on toll roads, but a bit different. You put money on a credit card of sorts, put it in on your dash, and credit rolls off your account as you drive from here to there. The same works for trucks, taxis, and buses, passing the cost on to the customer. Basically this means that those who are using the roads are paying for the roads. As a non-car driver and someone who believes that there should be less people on the road, I find this system to be a good way to make folks realize the impact of their driving on their pocketbook.

No other finance related stuff but I did enjoy a fabulous Hindu festival this morning, at 4am, where guys were pierced 180 times around their body, in the chest, back, cheeks, and tongue, holding up a large parade like headdress of sorts. I can’t upload photos at the moment but it was really incredible.

If you ever have a chance to come to Singapore. Do.

Safe Travels,


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