Credit Cards

Dan Sprouse is a financial consultant for a non-profit in California. In his spare time, you can find him surfing the Internet for more wealth management tips. I know several folks in credit card debt who consider it a necessary part of life. Believe me, it isn’t. I know first-hand that it’s possible to get […]

Self care is important, and any fans of Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec will be familiar with the phrase “treat yourself.” But how do you balance the urge to treat yourself with your checking account balance? The classic phrase “treat yo’self” is used to encourage people who are debating splurging on that new pair of […]

Credit cards are powerful tools that are helpful or harmful depending on the skills and knowledge possessed by the handlers. If you are considering opening a credit card, read through to find the basics on how to use and handle credit cards. How Credit Cards Work When you make a payment with a credit card […]

Personal use and business credit cards are becoming popular worldwide for the 2 last decades, while in the U.S. and developed countries they were widely spread for the last century. This process has grown to a very complex system, due to the number of cards issued annually. For example, 363 million U.S. Visa credit cards […]

An unsecured credit card with a high credit limit can be dangerous in the wrong hands, with negligent cardholders capable of quickly accumulating debt. Without responsible use, overburdening oneself financially is surprisingly easy, putting many borrowers in shock when they see the effects of uncontrolled spending on their monthly statement. The total amount that can […]

Choosing From Many Options Credit cards can actually be a source of income if you’re smart enough to capitalize on available awards; but you must be somewhat fastidious to make that work, and you must be sure to pay back what you owe as quickly as possible. Many students get credit cards which they’re approved […]

Do you use credit cards? Some people use them all the time while others don’t use them at all. The credit card industry leverages on of the most ideas that drive the world. That idea is money psychology. A lot of people spend more than they need to when they are using their credit cards. […]

My credit card debt is at the lowest it’s been in 10 years. It took me a lot of hard work to get to this point. I pretty much stopped using it. I made extra payments, and I got smarter when it came to credit. While I was able to get my credit usage under […]