The Wages of Blogging: $1.85 an Hour

by Dual Income No Kids on January 22, 2007 · 0 comments

Given that classes are starting at the university this week, its been a bit of period of reflection for me. Since I’m often thinking about money, it comes as no surprise that today’s posting is about blogging and profitability. So far, my wife and I have earned about $600.00 from our website.

During the 11 months that we’ve been blogging, we’ve emailed dozens of other bloggers, submitted our site to scores of blog aggregators, directories and other gimmicky webpages in the hopes of building readership base. Also during this period, we’ve written about 274 posts and have spent time evaluating and ultimately discarding alternative blogging platforms. Basically, we’ve spent a LOT of time writing about money on the web.

Now, what has all this effort brought us? If you assume that we’ve spent maybe 50 hours handling correspondence and whatnot, and that each post takes an hour to write, then the DINKS wages for blogging have been: $1.85*. Yep, that’s right. A dollar eighty five an hour. Good thing this blogging gig has intangible rewards also!



*Assumes 600 dollars in income and 324 hours of work; 600/324 = $1.85.

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