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by Dual Income No Kids on April 27, 2006 · 0 comments

Okay, so this post isn’t strictly related to finance, but it does relate to DINKS. As fellow DINKS, many of you understand that pets provide fabulous campanionship without the costs and commitment that might threaten a true DINK status, i.e. kids.

This post is to advise special care when considering the use of Craiglists for pets. We have had two experiences that were polar opposite, therefore we don’t advise against the use, but caution need be applied.

Here we have a tale of two cats, or three rather…

First we have Mr.Sweetie, named by a little girl who didn’t know that Sweetie was a boy. More importantly, she didn’t consider that Sweetie would have been more appropriately named as Fang. After we were initially excited to share our first cat together, the first bite came to Miel on Sweetie’s second day with us. By a week into his stay, James’ boss was questioning the flesh wounds up and down James’ arm. The beginning of the end came one Saturday morning as we were having one of our finance chats. After being gently set down from blocking the screen, Sweetie proceeded to lung on top of James’ back and went for a full fledged attack to the juggular. Sweetie had to go.

When Sweetie’s time had come to an end, we did what any other wise person might do. We posted Sweetie back on Craigslist as an excellent candidate as a barn cat. He may have been declawed, but he certainly was a fighter!

After a year of recovery, post Sweetie trauma, we were ready to give it another go as we were buying our current place. We turned to Craiglist again, with more caution this time around. We were fortunate enough to find the most fabulous pair of cats that anyone could ever dream of. As two huge beautiful brothers, Amos & Zeke (a.k.a Fat Amos & Sleke Zeke) give us endless love and fur!

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