How does money change you?

by Miel on January 14, 2014 · 11 comments

We were out at dinner the other night with a couple of close friends. We were discussing stocks, as we often do with this particular group of friends. When we noted that we had surpassed the Million Dollar mark, our friend commented how refreshing it is see that we’ve done so well for ourselves and yet still keep it real.

James and I talked about this a bit on our way home, and it has continued to cross my mind in the last couple of days. While I appreciate the sentiment of our dear friend, it also occurs to me how we have and haven’t changed because of our financial situation.


Ways we’ve changed with money
1. With more money comes added responsibility. We now manage three different LLCs and just have a lot more to keep track of financially than we once did.
2. We do have more latitude to respond in emergency situations without as much stress, since there can be money found to manage with various needs (i.e. new HVAC, leak in our place, broken dishwasher, etc.)
3. There isn’t much of a bling factor, but we now more often opt for longer term quality purchases (when we were first together we bought disposable furniture, that was indeed disposable and had to be replaced). We are pretty minimalist in what comes into our house, and what we do have will likely stay around for awhile if it still suits our needs.
4. We’ve also added to our skillset related to financial management, stocks, businesses, negotiation, real estate management, etc.
5. The relativity of money has changed, in what used to feel like a lot no longer does.

What hasn’t changed with money
1. Our day to day expenses haven’t really grown in proportion to our income; there has been a marginal growth in housing related costs (as we moved from a 600 sq ft place to a 950 sq ft place), but otherwise most goes to savings and business endeavors.
2. Our pet peeves about each other’s finance behaviors and perspectives are still about the same as they were a decade ago, though I think we’ve both come to accept what is and don’t often spend much time arguing about finances.
3. We still meet regularly to review our finances and our goals as we did as a new couple.

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