10 Common Problems in a Writing Process

by Susan Paige on May 4, 2020 · 0 comments

Your writing is judged on the basis of certain rules that may change depending on the audience, the purpose, and the writing situation. For example, if your instructor is more concerned with the arguments and structure of the text than the correctness of the sentence, he may or may not mark your grammatical errors. Some teachers may even consider the errors, which we will mention below, as stylistic options. However, in a large-scale study, it was found that these errors are most likely to attract the reader’s attention negatively. Proofread your papers carefully before submitting them so that there are no errors below.

Wrong Word

The error of the wrong word takes many forms. They may convey a relatively different (compose vs comprise) or completely wrong meaning (explode vs explore). This error may simply be the use of a wrong preposition or the use of the wrong word in an idiom.

Careless Use of Thesaurus or Spell Checkers

Even a cheap essay writing service uses spell checkers and thesaurus. If you choose a word from thesaurus without knowing the exact meaning or allow the spell checker to automatically correct the spelling of the words, you will eventually be forced to ask your classmate: Write an essay for me!

Missing (,) after Introductory Elements

Use the comma after the introductory phrase to determine where it ends and the rest of the sentence begins. For example: If you want to win, you should exercise every week.

Vague Pronoun Reference

The pronoun must refer exactly to the noun that has replaced it. If more than one word can be the antecedent, edit your text. In the sentence “If I put this book in my binder, it may remind me of important tutoring methods.”, it can refer to more than one word.


Although there are many essay help services, which review much of your spelling, one of the most common errors is spelling error. That’s why many essay writing services in USA can’t recognize many misspellings, miss homonyms, like presence/presents, compound words incorrectly spelled as separate words, etc. 

After running the spell checkers in write my essay services, read carefully for errors like this:

Children must learn acceptible behaviour.  

Unnecessary Comma

We’re often not sure if we should use comma. But if we add them to parts of the sentence that are not necessary, they will obscure the meaning of the sentence. The comma should never separate a verb from its direct object, separate the elements paired with a coordination conjunction, or come between an independent and dependent clause.

Missing or Unnecessary Capitalization

Capitalize the first words of sentences, proper nouns and names, important words in titles, but do not capitalize after a colon, as in the sentence “I have one true passion: writing.”

Missing Words

If you read your writing aloud before submitting, you are more likely to notice the deleted words. In particular, be careful not to omit a word from direct quotes.

Unnecessary Shifts in Tense

Verbs that change from one tense to another for no reason confuse the reader. 

Jack searched for a great bear. He takes the photos of all the animals he sights.

Unnecessary or Missing Hyphen

The compound adjectives that modify a noun, require a hyphen: 

This book describes nineteen-century theatre.

Two-word verbs need not be hyphenated.

The suppliers decided to buy back the TVs and refurbish them.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want to go to your classmates and ask them helplessly: Who can write my essay for me?, reserve time to read your final draft to avoid these common errors in your writings.

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