Susan Paige

It’s inevitable, your car breaks down or you receive an unexpected medical bill. All completely out of the blue and when you’re dead broke. Where are you supposed to come up with this money? That’s when you notice the payday loan TV commercials or you’ve seen the stores about everywhere in town. It’s tempting to […]

Do you worry about debt? If so, you aren’t alone. Many Brits fear that they’ll never be able to clear their credit bills. A lot of these people are loan users. It’s easy to see their concern. Repayments can be tricky to meet — especially when we have other costs to consider, like household bills. […]

Every couple is so busy paying bills and taking care of their responsibilities to stop and create a plan with their spouse for their finances. The problem with this is that if something were to happen, like a car accident or a fall at work, there will be no money set aside to take care […]

Falling down is never a fun thing and if you’ve been injured it’s even worse. Some slip and fall injuries keep you from going back to work, meaning you will have to file for disability. Having insurance helps because it allows you to seek medical care as needed without having to pay out of pocket […]

Many investors in today’s market are aware of the long-term benefits of selling and buying an investment property. One downside to this method is the amount of capital gains tax investors must pay on their sales. That’s why many investors use a property exchange process that helps reduce this tax burden. If you’re a first-time […]

What happens when we die? Not spiritually, but to our loved ones left on earth? Financially? Funerals are expensive and if you’re a breadwinner, the lose that income. Enter, life insurance. It can act like a second income for a while and pay for end of life costs. Want to know, is life insurance worth […]

If you are a frequent business traveler or attend lots of corporate events, you understand the massive challenge that comes with finding a reliable transportation service for the various activities you’ll be attending. Forget about the taxis and cab; limo services are the go-to solution if you are looking to make a statement, create an […]

Adding counters in the kitchen delivers several benefits. First, you should enjoy an increase in the value of your home. Kitchen counters create more room for you to work your culinary magic, as well as more space for you to store items such as spice and dry goods. The counters added to a kitchen make […]