Susan Paige

Finding out the estimated value of your home from time to time is always a great move. In addition to getting an overview of your financial health, a price assessment can help you understand the equity available as a source of emergency funds. Further, you’ll learn about the best price you can get in case […]

Investing is one of the most preferred ways of handling money and securely taking benefits from it. Even online websites like InvestoTrend have made it easier for people to access the investing opportunities and tap the market for the best returns. However, learning to understand which market condition is ideal for more significant investment is […]

The job outlook for fitness trainers and instructors is promising — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s going to experience “much faster than average” growth of 13 percent over the next 10 or so years. If you love working out and have a knack for imparting your knowledge to others, this could well be […]

Starting a business, no matter how small takes courage. Many people go into entrepreneurship for various reasons, some of which include being your own boss, freedom from a structured 9-5 job, making more money, pursuing a passion, or solving a pressing need. Regardless of the reason, no business is without risks.

Christmas has become a consumerist holiday around the world. In the United Kingdom alone, families spend an average of £1149 for Christmas shopping and presents. As a result, a lot of people overspend and go into credit card debt during this festive season.

You have probably heard it so many times that it has become annoying—you need to have a budget. Budgeting is one of those crucial things you have to do if you want to take control of your finances. Do you find yourself spending on anything and everything that catches your fancy, and then wonder where […]

Car accidents are – unfortunately- some of the most common accidents that anyone could experience. Most people suffer multiple car accidents throughout their lifetimes– both as passengers and as drivers. Car accidents happen for a number of reasons. In most cases, the cause of car accidents can be directly correlated to the negligent actions of […]

Planning ahead of time for the arrival of a baby can make it a lot easier to take care of them as well as attend to other financial obligations. In 9 months, impactful steps can be taken to financially prepare for a baby.