Susan Paige

It can be quite discouraging to go through a long and tedious business loan application process only to be denied by the lender. You might feel confused and you might even second-guess all your big plans for your business. Nevertheless, rest assured that most business owners are able to get funding even though their first […]

Throughout the United States, approximately 13 percent of drivers are driving around without car insurance. Are you one of these drivers? If so, it’s time to make a change. There are a lot of serious ramifications that result from driving without car insurance.

The fast-paced world of the finance industry can be hard to enter, but for those who break in, there are many opportunities. The financial industry is a vast one with a wide variety of careers available from financial trading, money management and banking to pensions and investments. It’s an industry that is frequently changing, providing […]

In the Forex trading business, all of the traders will have to think of proper executions. We are talking about the trades. All the time of the trading, there will have to be the right signals. Not most of the traders will be able to find it all of the time. But the right performance […]

Introduction:  In the educational world, there is a grand debate. Do textbooks still matter?  Several scientific studies have been conducted in the hopes of answering this question. As technology becomes more and more involved, teaching programs, computer software and interactive instructional methods are becoming more popular forms of providing education. Truly interacting with all five […]

If commercial real estate investment is where your next major investment decisions are driving you, you might not know what lies ahead of you. One of the first steps to investigate is how to get a commercial real estate loan. If you’re unable to get a loan that adequately covers your property at a rate […]

Capital preservation is an essential factor that every naïve trader must be aware of. If you look at the Singaporean traders, they have achieved a lot. But, their achievement wasn’t magic. Instead, they worked for it. They made sure about capital preservation. However, newcomers aren’t aware of this factor, or they are neglectful, either way, […]

The essential part of any endeavor that you are willing to accomplish is having a clear and detailed strategy for the task at hand. That remains constant even in trading. A trading strategy helps you to point out what you want to accomplish as well as why you want to accomplish the task in hand. […]