Susan Paige

Credit checks have become a lot more common than in the past. It used to be the norm for a credit check to be conducted only when a given consumer sought a loan or other type of financing. Today, companies of many different kinds use credit checks and reports to assess whether particular people are […]

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved, and because of the variations in the law from one state to the next, can be incredibly complicated. Knowing what the laws are in the state you live in (or the state your soon-to-be ex lives in can help you decide the best way to proceed with filing. Where […]

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We’ve all heard that one before. While it is true, there is a way to grow money. Investing is an exciting way to earn money, and for those that put in the required effort, it offers a lucrative income stream. You can start investing today. Even a small investment can […]

Buying a new home is a big decision, a big change, and like most things that fall under those two categories, people want to do it “right”. When it comes to real estate, that usually means you’ve purchased a home and saved as much money as possible in the process. Or – in other words […]

Nearly everyone runs into financial difficulty at some point in their lives. When debt starts to pile up, it can seem like there is no way out. However, sometimes all that is necessary is to take a step back and objectively analyze your situation. There may be a way to financial freedom that you haven’t […]

If attending a university is high on your priority list, it’s good that you’re starting to think about it early. When you have a plan, you’re able to set goals and create steps to achieve them. This whole process, while overwhelming, will help you be successful when you are in college. We’ve compiled a list […]

Most independently-owned freight companies run into cash flow problems, especially when they are just getting off the ground. Unfortunately, freight companies are particularly susceptible to cash flow problems due to the overwhelming amount of variables that exist within the industry, like vehicle repairs, fuel costs and federal and state taxation. Freight bill factoring, coupled with […]

Whatever your current skills are, there are other business owners out there who need them. There are also other people out there who want to learn the skills you have. This presents you with low-cost and low-risk opportunities to earn income outside the traditional job market. If you want to earn extra cash while having […]