Susan Paige

We all know the familiar tax-season rat race: fielding calls from our accountant while we check and double-check our email for any receipts of charitable giving we might have missed, wishing we had kept better track during the year instead of leaving our search until April 10. When we first see the estimate of what […]

It’s happened to most of us. You’re sitting around in the middle of your vacation, at the base of a ski slope or on some tropical island, and you think “Man, I wish I had my own place here so I could come back whenever I wanted.”

As dangerous as a flood is for your safety, it’s also dangerous for your livelihood. A single storm can leave you without a home and without belongings you could use to support yourself. This is why you need flood insurance! Flood insurance is specifically meant to restore your financial well-being if a flood ravages your […]

Borrowing money is often a necessary part of life. In some cases (such as real estate), it can be used to exponentially grow your net worth. Interestingly, you don’t always have to find lenders in-person in order to secure funding. Online lenders offer plenty of opportunities, but not everyone knows whether or not they’re safe.

There’s no shame in applying for a payday loan. Everyone has tough times financially. If you’re struggling to make ends meet and an unexpected expense comes up, it can be devastating. That’s when payday loans can become a godsend.

Like all markets, this is a pretty new cryptocurrency. Changes in which both the risks and benefits of the investment remain. In order to know this, you must first get the right information about the market, plus all its potential for successful investments and substantial sums of money. 

Generally, the electronic of the nonofficial is charged with cash. It is used either as digital security or as computerized cash to the effect of cryptographic cash. The explanation that really cautions us. It takes a picture of the US Dollar only after drawing a green piece on paper. I have a special way to […]

To download and run custom operating systems, these have a few common options, who often come across a group of miners who work exactly the same way. By bitcoin transactions, it displays effectiveness to compute “evidence” under it, which covers the data of all blocks.