How to Sign up for Uber and Make Extra Cash After Hours

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If you struggle between paychecks, you’re not alone. Getting paid every two weeks can cause a constant struggle. In many cases, you may have to use one paycheck to pay a majority of your bills on time. Your next paycheck might give you some extra cash, but you won’t see it for another 14 days.

To stop this horrible cycle, you need to find a way to earn cash on the side. The gig economy provides many great opportunities for people, with companies like Uber leading the way. Driving for Uber is a great way to earn extra money after hours. Do you know how to sign up for Uber and start driving?

You’ll have the ability to create your schedule, which is perfect for working around your day job. If this is something that you’re now considering, then it’s time you learn how to sign up for Uber and start making money in your spare time! Continue reading below for our guide on this awesome after-hours gig.

The Basics of Being an Uber Driver

Before signing up to become an Uber driver, you should know that you’ll be self-employed. As an Uber driver, you’re an independent contractor, so you’ll need a personal insured vehicle. You’ll set your hours and will need self-motivation to earn the money you desire.

You can quit at any time without needing to put in any kind of notice. However, the company can also terminate you if you fail to perform according to the Uber standards. There’s no cap on how much you make, so the sky is the limit.

The Requirements of an Uber Driver

There are some requirements of being an Uber driver, and not everyone will qualify. Before you start filling out the application, make sure you meet all the qualifications first.

Driver Specifics

In certain cities, you must be 21 years old or older, so check with your city’s requirements. You must also have a valid driver’s license and have your name on the vehicle’s insurance. Three years driving experience and a clean driving record is also a must-have, so if you haven’t been driving for at least three years, you won’t qualify.

Some other information that you’ll need to share with Uber includes proof of residency and a driver profile photo that’s a clear picture of your face for your riders to see.

Background Check

You’ll also undergo a background check that checks for criminal history including sexual offenses, violent crimes, and other past charges that would disqualify you. Be sure you don’t have any charges on your record that might disqualify you. If you do, applying for this side job might be a waste of time.

The Vehicle Restrictions for Uber

There are vehicle restrictions as well when applying to become an Uber driver. For starters, if you own one of these following vehicles, it won’t qualify:

  • A marked vehicle such as a taxi
  • A full-sized van
  • A Crown Victoria
  • A salvaged vehicle

Manual transmission vehicles are acceptable, but all vehicles must have four doors. You must also have seatbelts for the driver and four other passengers. No commercial branding can be on the vehicle, and there shouldn’t be any visible cosmetic damage.

If you need a car loan to purchase a new car for driving with Uber, there are Uber driver loans available for you.

The Vehicle Options for Uber

There are several vehicle options for Uber. Depending on what type of vehicle you own, you’ll qualify for one of the following Uber types:

  • UberX Car- 4 passengers not including the driver, 4-door vehicle, 2004 year or newer
  • UberXL Car- 6 passengers not including the driver, 2004 year or newer
  • UberSELECT Car- 4 passengers not including the driver, 4-door luxury sedan with leather, 2004 year or newer
  • UberBLACK and UberSUV- Sedan or full-sized SUV, 4 passengers (sedan) or 6 passengers (SUV), Black exterior and interior, airport permit, commercial registrations and insurance, 2014 or newer
  • UberLUX- available in select cities only, commercial insurance, 2010 year or newer.

The type of vehicle you have will determine what type of Uber car you’re listed under. The UberX car is the most basic type that someone can request, so it’ll be the cheapest option for riders. If you have a vehicle that qualifies for one of the other options, you’ll make more money.

Filling out the Application

Gather all your information and then head to the Uber website to begin the application process. Enter all the required information to begin the process. There are also sign-up bonuses for those just joining the team.

Once you provide your vehicle information, you’ll then need to enter your social security number. You’ll then consent to a background check and upload pictures of your license and insurance. Keep in mind that the approval process may take some time, so don’t expect it to go through right away.

If you’re not approved, go back through your application and fix anything you can. For example, if the company denied you because one of your seatbelts doesn’t work, then have the seatbelt fixed and reapply.

Do You Know How to Sign up for Uber Driving?

After reading this guide, we hope you now know how to sign up for uber driving. Understand all the requirements for Uber driving, including driver and vehicle requirements, and you’ll be earning that extra money before you know it!

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