Life in the Upper Tax Bracket: What No One Tells You About Being Rich

by Susan Paige on May 30, 2019 · 0 comments

Many people spend their time wondering what it’s like being rich, without realizing that personal wealth is actually attainable.

There is no magic formula for becoming rich. Instead, the life of a rich person is full of hard work and dedication.

There are a lot of commonalities between people who accumulate wealth during their lifetimes. Some of these commonalities include investing early, taking control of one’s success, focusing on opportunities, and continuing to learn.

Keep reading to learn the truth about being rich and what people do to get there.

Invest Early

One of the biggest tips that wealthy moguls give is to invest early and often. Get rich quick schemes may seem too good to be true because they usually are. The key is to focus on small investments over time, which will lead to big returns.

For example, if you start investing $500 a month into a low-cost, diversified stock market fund at the age of 25, your investment would total over $1 million by the time you are 60.

Now imagine what would happen if you are making a lot of small investments such as this, over the course of your life.

Live Below Your Means

You may be surprised to learn of people who are millionaires. Why? Because many of them live below their means.

This means they buy modest homes, drive the modest car, and still fly economy class. Living below your means doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you enjoy, but it’s important to be conscientious of your spending.

Enjoy your hard work and wealth, but don’t get so distracted by it that you stop investing in yourself. Smart spending is investing first and spending second.

Instead of going berserk on designer clothes and the fanciest house, you can live comfortably while reinvesting your additional income.

Follow The Advice Of Successful People

One of the best things you can do on your journey to find wealth is to surround yourself with good and successful people.

Get rid of negative and toxic influences, and instead surround yourself with people who help you be better.

Find wealthy people you admire, and listen to their advice. Many wealthy entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experiences so that others can find the success that they have.

Listening and implementing the strategies that these people have used can help you avoid a lot of mistakes in the long run. Learn from other’s mistakes and use their advice to your advantage!

Choose To Be In Control

One thing that self-made millionaires have in common is the choice they made to take control of their own success.

Instead of blaming others for their misfortune, wealthy people take ownership of their own choices. They realize that they can be successful despite their circumstances.

Of course, they have made mistakes. Instead of blaming them on other people, they take responsibility and learn from those mistakes.

Think Big

Those who are wealthy look at the bigger picture. That’s why they start investing early and also why they live below their means.

On top of seeing the bigger picture, they also aren’t afraid to think big. Thinking big means to set big goals for yourself.

Many people don’t strive for this kind of wealth because they don’t think it’s possible. The people who actually get wealthy don’t limit themselves with this mindset.

They also let themselves take big risks. Now, this does not mean that every investment should be a big risk. Instead, don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from taking risks.

Every self-made millionaire has had their share of failures. They learn from those experiences and use them to gain success.

Be Committed

If you want to be rich, you have to be 100% committed to that goal. If you are only half-committed you will never attain your goals.

The hard work and dedication that is required to become wealthy will take full focus on your part.

To stay focused and committed, you need to have a clear goal in mind. Setting specific goals will help guide you as you go.

Focus On Opportunities

It can be easy to focus on the things that aren’t going right or the failures that you have had. Focusing on these things will not lead to success.

Instead, rich people always focus on the opportunities ahead. Rich people look for opportunities for growth. This growth mindset is what allows them to overcome the fear of failure.

Master Money Management

Mastering money management is essential to becoming rich. Rich people control their money and not the other way around.

Automating your expenses is a great way to take control of your money. Automating your expenses means to predetermine exactly where your money is going ahead of time.

For example, you can set up automatic money transfers so that when your paycheck hits your account, certain percentages of your paycheck go to different funds.

Here is a good place to start:

  • 10% on Investments
  • 5-10 % on Savings
  • 20-35% on Everyday Spending
  • 50-60% on Fixed Bills and Debt

A wealthy person never stops managing their money wisely. High-net worth wealth management is what helps the rich continue to grow their wealth.

Continue To Learn And Grow

Another attribute that all self-made millionaires have in common is their desire to never stop learning. They have a growth mindset which allows them to look for opportunities and learn from their mistakes.

Like mentioned earlier, there is no magic formula for success. It really just comes down to being willing to put yourself out there and learn how to be successful.

Being Rich Isn’t Easy But It’s Possible

Being rich takes a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, and learning from mistakes. It’s not easy but it is definitely possible for those who dream big and believe in themselves.

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