Staying on Track With Financial Goals

by Jason Butler on September 5, 2016 · 1 comment

Staying On Track WithFinancial GoalsPeople come up with hundreds of financial goals all the time. Some people reach their goals all the time while others never do. Do you want to know why or why not? Many people use a setting goals worksheet.  Some have this worksheet online. Others, like myself, have them in a notebook. Being able to read your goals daily will do something to you. It will help you to remember them, and that should help you complete them sooner.

Your setting goals worksheet should have a few areas in it. The areas are priorities, goals, why the goal is important, action steps, and deadlines. Below, I will go over each of them briefly.


In his section, you should list what your priorities are. For example one of your priorities could be side hustles income. Another one could be a savings goal. There is no wrong answer.


In the goal section, you will elaborate more on your priorities. Let’s go back to the example that I gave you earlier which was side hustle income. The goal could be to make a certain amount of side hustle income each month. Make sure that you highlight this information on the setting goals worksheet,

Why is it important

The next section will ask why it’s important to you. Again, there is no wrong answer. You just need to dig deep down and write why it’s important to you. Here is an example of why making a certain amount of side hustle income is important. It is important for several reasons such as paying off debt and saving up for a down payment for a house.

Action Steps

The action steps section is very important for the setting goals worksheet. In this area you write the steps, you plan to take to make your goal happen. Typically, each goal will have 3-4 steps that you will do. Example, you can do the following things to make a side hustle income:

  • Sell more items on Craigslist.
  • Create info products to sell.
  • Learn how to edit documents for people on photoshop.

The final way to stay on track with your financial goals is to set a deadline. The deadline should be believable. It shouldn’t be too soon, but it shouldn’t be too late either. The deadline that I would use for the side hustle income example is a month or two. That is enough time to start a side hustle and monetize it.

Staying on track with your financial goals can be done. Make sure that you prioritize them, set concrete goals, know why it’s important, take action steps and set deadlines. If you take these steps, you will be able to stay on track with your financial goals. Once that happen, you will be able to create more of them and get your finances in order.

Do you have any financial goals that you are working on? How do you stay on track with them? Feel free to share your answers below.

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1 Jay September 6, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Thanks for the article Jason. This is especially pertinent this time of year. Back to school season is always a great time to review the financial priorities for the semester ahead. Thanks again!

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