How to Keep Distractions to A Minimum!

by Jason Butler on February 24, 2016 · 0 comments

How to Keep Distractions to a MinimumWhether you’re working on a business plan or studying for your Master’s you want to be able to focus on those tasks without having many distractions. Unfortunately, distractions can derail your focus from time to time. It’s something that happens to all of us. Today, I have six things that you can do to help you keep distractions to a minimum.

Watch TV Less

The first thing that will help you keep distractions down to a minimum is to watch less TV. For some, that may be easier said than done, but if you try it you will see a huge difference. I used to watch too much TV when I was younger. A few years ago I stopped doing that. I noticed that I was able to focus more and get things done at a quicker pace.

Work early or late

Working early or late is the next thing that can help keep distractions to a minimum. Many people are able to get more work done in the morning before their spouse gets up. They may also be able to work late at night after they go to sleep.


The next thing that you need to do to keep your distractions to a minimum is to make sure you eat. You should never try to work or study on an empty stomach. Being hungry will distract you a lot. In the past, I’ve tried to work on things while I was hungry. I realized that it just doesn’t work.  I was distracted by hunger pains. If you’re hungry you will also start thinking about what you want to eat which will further mess up your focus. Definitely, make sure you eat so that you don’t get distracted.

Use social media less

The fourth thing that you should do is to use social media less. I love social media.  I am active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ve learned that they can be huge distractions if I let them be. We live in a society where likes, shares, and tagging people are the norm. You don’t have to be like the norm all the time, though. Taking the time to log out of those accounts every once in a while will help you out in the long run. There are even a few programs such as Cold Turkey that you can use to block them for a specific amount of time.

Work in a quiet area

The fifth thing that you can do to keep the distractions down is to work in a quiet area. Your den or home office can be two places to start. Most libraries also have rooms that you can work in as well.

Turn off your phone

The final way to keep distractions to a minimum is to turn off your cell phone or put it on silent mode. Our cell phones keep us connected to our e-mails and our social media accounts. I’m sure the average person probably receives at least one notification each hour. If you check your phone every time it goes off there is absolutely no way you can get anything accomplished. Turning your phone off or putting it on silent will definitely increase your productivity.

How do you keep distractions down?

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