Weekly roundup: I had a breakdown in Bed, Bath & Beyond

by Kristina Tahnyak on May 22, 2015 · 2 comments

Happy Friday Dinks.  We are about to get in to the difference between men and women when it comes to home decor, shopping and mental stability.  Earlier this week Nick and I decided to take a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond so we could finally start decorating our apartment.

We’re starting to decorate our new apartment

When we moved back in October and since we needed to buy so much new furniture we decided to wait until spring to start decorating.  Well spring is now here and I’m in full Flip This House mode.  I’ve been searching staging websites and looking around Pinterest to see how I want our new apartment to look.

Once I found the color scheme I want for our living room and bedroom (the kitchen and bathroom will be done another time) I took screen shots of our new decor – which I was copying from someone else’s home – and headed off to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get some decorating essentials.  We needed things like art for the walls, big mirrors, pillows and a new bed spread.

Shopping is supposed to be fun right? 

Well it wasn’t, which is the first contributing factor to my mental and emotional breakdown.  I couldn’t find anything I wanted let alone anything in the pictures I brought.  Nick picked out a rug he liked for the living room and threw it in the cart, this right here is the first difference between men and women when it comes to shopping.

Women plan how they want a room to look and we want it to be perfect.  Men choose any old thing they like and assume it will match with all the other things they picked on impulse.  No guys, that’s not how it works.

Why don’t men just know what we want?

I was trying not to be a crazy girlfriend so instead of telling Nick I didn’t like his choice of rug a.k.a it wasn’t the one in the picture (which he knew about) I decided to linger around the shopping cart staring at and touching the rug until he figured it out on his own.  Yes, that makes me seem less crazy right?!  Here is the second difference between men and women when shopping.  Girls won’t straight up tell you your choice sucks whereas men will tell you if they don’t like something we’ve picked.

When he asked if I like the rug I said “It’s O.K.” hoping he would realize it’s not the one I wanted.  Then he said “But I didn’t measure the size of the room so maybe we should just come back another time.”  This was the seconding contributing factor to my mental breakdown.  We’ve already been waiting six months to decorate and I just want it to be done.  I immediately burst into tears and Nick looked around wondering if someone had just run by and punched me.

The outcome of my mental and emotional instability

“What’s going on?” He asked and I (without control) started yelling and sobbing about the rug.  He said “O.K. we’ll get the rug.”  I didn’t want the rug but I also didn’t want to leave without anything and come to a still empty apartment.

And there you have it.  We now have a $169 rug in our living room that looks really nice and matches perfectly but is way too small for the space.  This was our money week.

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1 yvonne-marie May 22, 2015 at 8:20 am

I am totally afraid of this! My and my guy are looking into moving in together and I like things neat and certain materials and colors. He however is all about comfort, simple, quick and the color grey. I think its normal to react that way when you have been waiting forever to make your apartment feel like home. Is there anything in the catalogs you would be willing to switch out or change so long as it still matched with the color scheme or theme of the room?

2 Kristina May 23, 2015 at 9:17 pm

Thank you so much Yvonne-Marie. It’s nice to know I’m not crazy. I mean is it a crime to want everything to be picture perfect? I’m looking, well re-looking, through magazines now to see how I can redecorate around the things we already purchased. I know I shouldn’t take it out on him because it’s not his fault, but sometimes I’m extremely emotional. Good luck with the grey!

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