Buying Auto Insurance for Teens

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Parents with teenage children have a lot of expenses and may find it hard to balance the household budget. Along with food, clothing and school-related bills, there are also expenses that go with having a teen driver in the family. When it comes to teenage drivers, one of the main expenses is auto insurance. Consider some of the following ways that parents of teenagers can save on their monthly car insurance payments.

Reduced Rates for Good Grades

Some insurance providers offer reduced car insurance rates for teenage drivers who maintain good grades in school. It’s a wise move for parents to look into whether their insurance provider offers this sort of discount. If so, not only do the parents pay a reduced insurance rate, but their teenage children have even more incentive to maintain a high grade point average. The lower rate is a reward for teens who are responsible on the road as well as in school.

Thorough Driver’s Training

Teenagers who receive a program of driver’s training will be more familiar with the rules of the road and may be less inclined to get into an accident. In a thorough driver’s education program, students are taught about traffic laws and safe driving practices. Also, teenage student drivers are taught about the risks of texting and talking on the cell phone while driving. They are also told about the risks of having too many friends in the car while driving. Some parents will choose the driver’s education program at their local high school. Other parents opt to send their teenagers to a private driver’s education program. There are many programs that fully prepare teenagers for the responsibilities of driving. Teenagers who have participated in a quality driver’s education program may be less likely to have accidents that increase their car insurance rates.

A Safe Vehicle

Finally, it makes sense for parents to get their teenager a newer vehicle to drive. It doesn’t have to be brand new, but newer model vehicles have safety features such as updated seat belts, air bags and backup cameras. All of these types of features increase the safety rating of a car and can result in a lower rate for car insurance. Alternatively, a teenager who is given an older car to drive will likely pay higher insurance rates because the car may not have air bags and other important safety features.

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