Strange and Unusual Taxes!

by Team Dinks on March 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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The tax season is fast approaching. April 15th either marks a day of doom for those who procrastinate, or a day of relief for those who successfully filed those pesky financial details. Regardless of your attitude towards the day, it will come and go as it always does. Taxes are practically a universal concept – so inevitable in fact that Benjamin Franklin once said “the only thing certain in life is death – and taxes”. Pretty much sums up his attitude on the matter.

Taxes have evolved over the years according to the way of life. Common goods like tea, sugar, and alcohol have all been taxed, but some surprisingly odd items have been taxed as well. Read on for 11 strange and unusual taxes that have cropped up over the centuries and learn why a few are still in play to this day

Unusual Taxes Throughout History

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