Getting A Car Loan With Less Than Perfect Credit

by Team Dinks on February 22, 2014 · 1 comment

As the years have passed, cars have gotten more and more expensive. Today, it can be difficult to purchase a car without some sort of financing that will allow you to pay off the cost of the car over time. People that have a high credit score often have no problem obtaining the financing that they need, but it is harder for people with less than perfect credit to get a car loan. Because they are a greater risk, these people may find themselves paying sharply higher interest rates or be denied a loan altogether.

If you need a car loan and you have less than perfect credit, here are some tips that could help you find success.

Try To Increase Your Credit Score

While blemishes on your credit history cannot be erased, there are some things that you can do to provide a quick boost to your credit score before you apply for a car loan. Any increase in your credit score may be enough to put you above the acceptance threshold and reduce the interest rate that you must pay for the car loan.

Start by reviewing your credit reports for any mistakes that you may be able to get corrected. Then, try to pay any balances you are carrying down as far as possible before beginning to allow lenders to pull your credit information. These two items carry a significant amount of weight in your credit score calculation, so any change in a positive direction may be enough to carry you over the edge.

Shop Around

In many cases, the first offer you receive is not the best offer you can get, so it can be beneficial to shop around to see what type of offers you can get. Different lenders have different types of auto loans available and the differences can either cost or save you a great deal of money. Depending on the lender, you may be able to get prequalified for a car loan that has an attractive interest rate and an affordable payment. To learn more about car finance rates, click here.

Explore Your Options

You must be prepared for the chance that you will not be able to get exactly what you want for a price that you can afford. By leaving your options open, you have some room to maneuver if things do not go exactly as planned. If you are unable to get a loan for the new car that you want, you may need to consider a different brand or buying a used car. If the payments quoted are higher than you can currently afford, you will have to consider other types of financing or saving more money for a down payment on the car.

It is important to resist creating more debt than you can comfortably pay off, so stay within your budget and choose one of the options available to you that meets your minimum requirements for a vehicle.

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1 James February 24, 2014 at 10:22 pm

Not to be too snarky here…but what about saving up the money to get a car? Its old fashioned, but you wouldn’t have to borrow that way.

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