Take a couple’s vacation this summer

by Kristina on July 10, 2013 · 3 comments


Good morning Dinks. Nick and I just got back from our week-long vacation in Niagara Falls and we had a blast. I am thankful that the weather cooperated with us and for the most part it was sunny and warm.  Nick and I haven’t been on vacation together in a while, other than our stay-cations that we spend at home, so it was nice to just get away from everything and take a break from our everyday routine. However at the same time I usually travel alone so it was an adjustment for us to travel together.

Travelling as a couple is all about the big C

I love spending time with Nick but truth be told we don’t really have any extracurricular activities in common.  He loves sports and I am just not as passionate about the subject as he is.  I do admire the chemistry that sports fans have together; their love for a team or for a sport seems to bring people from all walks of life together in harmony (for the most part).

Nick is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and whenever he wears a t-shirt or a hat with their logo on it other sports fans feel the need to scream out to him on the street.  Then we are forced to stop and make sports small chat with other couples that we don’t know.  This definitely doesn’t happen to me when I travel alone.

It’s a give and take when you travel as a couple

When travelling as a couple or travelling with someone (anyone) of the opposite sex it’s only normal that you want to do different activities. The difference between travelling with friends and travelling with your spouse is that we have to be a little bit more careful not to our spouses feelings or insist too much for certain activities because at the end of the day we still have to live with our spouse when the vacation is over.

Shopping is the one activity that I prefer to do alone.  The pressure of someone waiting for me when shopping ruins my whole experience and I don’t enjoy it as much.  Now that I am a reformed spender I don’t shop a lot but when I do I like to enjoy it.

Nick is just as budget conscious as I am when shopping so he has no problem hitting up the outlets when we take a vacation.   I could spend a whole day walking around, admiring people and looking for the best deals whereas Nick is more of a get in and get out kind of guy; if we spend more than a couple of hours shopping he is already bored.  I understand the fact that men don’t like to spend too much time shopping because the clothing choices for men are very limited.  Levis jeans with Nike t-shirts usually don’t vary too much in their sizes.  Men (or at least my boyfriend) don’t need to try on their clothes and this limits the amount of time they need to spend shopping.

When you travel with your spouse how do you decide what to do?

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1 Jake @ Common Cents Wealth July 10, 2013 at 3:19 pm

My wife and I haven’t taken too many vacations with just the two of us. The few we have taken though have always been a lot of fun. The one thing I’ve learned is that my wife really enjoys just relaxing and doing nothing while I always like to have a plan and be doing something. This causes some issues, but it’s okay if we both understand that there needs to be a good balance.

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