A sacrifice can be a blessing in disguise

by Kristina on April 1, 2013 · 5 comments

Good morning Dinks. Well it’s officially over, my 40 day personal sacrifice of giving up my morning coffee shop snacks and drinks is officially over – you know what? I don’t miss it.  Actually I guess what I should say is that I was not as excited to have the option to eat breakfast at my local coffee shop as I thought I would be.  Is it possible that I was only craving my morning stop at the coffee shop because I couldn’t have it?

Changing bad habits

Giving up something as small as my morning breakfast stop at the local coffee shop completely changed my life.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  I had to change my morning routine to wake up early, cut down my getting ready routine and make time to eat at home as well as find appropriate morning snacks.

I used to wake up, get ready and head out the door.  On my way to work I would stop at my local coffee shop and purchase a breakfast sandwich, an iced coffee and some days a yogurt parfait.  That can add up to $5 to $10 that I would spend every morning on breakfast and snacks. When I add in my Thursday eat out lunches with my co-workers this can add up to $50 a week in snacking and eating out.

After changing my morning routine to include a DIY breakfast I realized that $5 a day and $50 a week is way too much money to spend on snacks.

 Motivation to stay financially fit

After 40 days of waking up early to have a bowl of cereal and snacking on protein bars for my mid morning snacks I realized just how much money I was spending, actually wasting, on morning snacks.

I would love to go back to my morning routine of sleeping in late and grabbing my morning snack from the local coffee shop, but I just can’t do it.  I also gave up my weekly restaurant lunches with my co-workers, now I only eat out with them when they grab and go – no more expensive restaurant lunches for me.

I love the fact that I can leave my house on Monday morning with $20 in my pocket and come home on Friday after work still with $10 leftover.  I used to hit up the ATM at least once a week to support my cash flow and now I don’t even need to carry my bank card in my wallet.

I like seeing extra money in my bank account and I like knowing that the money is there if I need it, but I am not dependant on it.

Eating healthy is the smart choice

I no longer have to make sure that I stop at my local coffee shop in order to make it through my morning.  The main reason why I can save money on snacks and eating out is because I am never hungry.  I pack my lunch every night and put it in the fridge for the next morning.  I snack on fruits and vegetables and I make sure that I buy enough groceries to have lunch every single day of the week.

What is your secret to saving money on snacks and eating out?

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1 SavvyFinancialLatina April 1, 2013 at 11:24 am

I have been eating healthier and working out more. I have seen a drastic improvement in my health. I am more energetic, and happier with myself. I haven’t lost much weight, maybe 1 or 2 lbs, but it’s really helped me feel better about myself.

2 James April 2, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Its probably better for your waistline also.

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