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by James Hendrickson on March 19, 2013 · 0 comments


At some point back in 2008 when the market was melting down, I got sick of watching my stock account get hammered.  Back then I was investing in speculative stocks like Monster Energy, Blockbuster, Inc. and Southern Copper.  I ended up losing something like $20k when the market took a dive.  Since then I’ve revisited my investment philosophy to focus more on safety.

Common wisdom dictates that large cap stocks have held their value better in the most recent market downturns. So I’ve tried to focus my portfolio more on this class of investments.  This is largely because my risk tolerance has declined after having taken a beating, getting older, and gaining experience.  In case you are interested in what I’m currently holding, here is a list of the stocks currently in my Schwab account.



The good news is that I’m up 25% from my initial investment, so that is an improvement upon my past strategy.  All of these are larger stocks and all pay dividends.  There are couple of dogs in the portfolio, specifically Frontline and Frontier Communications.

If there are any large cap stocks that you like a lot and you’d recommend that people check out, feel free to leave us a comment below.


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