Is Valentine’s Day just another day, but with more flowers?

by Kristina on February 14, 2013 · 2 comments

Some of us are newly married dink couples, some of us are long time married dink veterans and some of us (like me) are happily unmarried but dinking it out together – or according to my grandmother living in sin. Regardless of your relationship status it’s almost Valentine’s Day and that means it’s time to show your affection for the one you love.

My boyfriend Nick and I have a Valentine’s Day tradition of staying in and ordering food from our favourite restaurant.  However last year my boyfriend went and picked up dinner so it was already on the table when I got home from work, that was a nice little surprise.

If you are a new dink couple you may be feeling the pressure of having to plan the perfect evening and if you are a veteran dink couple you may be struggling to find creative ways to impress your sweetheart on this special day.  So let me ask you, how will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year?

People can spend money on flowers any day of the year

I would love to know what the personal finance community thinks about “hallmark holidays”.  These are holidays that do not celebrate a religious day on the calendar such as Christmas and Easter or a special personal milestone such as a wedding or a birthday. “Hallmark holidays” may just be an excuse for people to spend money because of  pressure instead of celebration.

Is an “I Love You” card on Valentine’s Day enough of a romantic gesture for the one you love, or do you have to go all out with chocolates, flowers and dinner? I don’t feel that Valentine’s Day is deal-breaker in a relationship, but maybe I am saying that because I have been in the same relationship for 13 years.  If you do go all out for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day can’t you also spend that money on your loved one any time of the year?

Valentine’s Day is as special as you make it

There is no rule book that says you have to paint your nails red on Valentine’s Day and spend a ton of money on sexy lingerie in order for you to have a perfect day with your sweetheart.  Valentine’s Day is what you make it – everyone has their own traditions and that is what makes it special.

It is cold up north in February and I personally do not want to get all dressed up in a skirt and heels just to go out for dinner.  I much prefer to stay inside for Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend knows that; this is what makes Valentine’s Day (and my boyfriend) so special.

We know that Dinks would choose love over money when it comes to our careers, but do we choose money over love when it comes to spending money on gifts that are only good for a day?

Do you ever feel pressure to make Valentine’s Day perfect?

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1 Michelle February 14, 2013 at 8:18 am

To me it’s just any other day. I prefer that he shower me with romantic stuff more than just one day a year! :)

2 slinky March 14, 2013 at 12:23 pm

My gift to my husband is ignoring Valentines day. :) We have an anniversary, we don’t also need Valentines and sweetest day.

That said, I usually end up with flowers because my mother is a florist. She usually picks them out and writes the card too. Lol. She also knows better than to make me overpriced roses. This year i got potted daffodils to plant in out new houses yard.

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