Budget Friendly Summer Activities

by Kristina on July 4, 2012 · 0 comments

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Good Morning DINKS.  Our great friends over at Adaptu have created a list of fun and exciting activities to do this summer that don’t cost a fortune. Adaptu shares their budget friendly ideas on everything from backyard barbeques to summer vacations.

What are your plans for the summer?

Maybe you are taking a summer dream vacation, maybe you are hosting a party this summer, or maybe you prefer to sit pool side during the hot summer months. Regardless of how you choose to spend the next couple of months, I hope that you all take advantage of the warm summer weather and not let the summer take advantage of your wallet.

Here are some tips on how to have fun and save money this summer:

Think Outside the Box for your Vacation.  Travelling to popular destinations can be fun and it may be on your bucket list of things to do in your life, but travelling to popular destinations can also be very costly.  There are great ways to enjoy your summer vacation and not spend a lot of money such as travelling by car or train instead of booking a flight , making your own themed vacation instead of travelling to a destination spot, and visiting your second or third vacation choice instead of your first.

Think About Staying Close to Home.  If you are comfy at home then consider staying at home for your vacation.  You won’t have to travel, you won’t have to pack, and you will have everything that you love right where you are. Take a vacation from your life by turning off your cell phone and your computer.  Go to a neighbourhood in your town that you have never been to before, and try something new that you have never done in your hometown.

Enjoy the Weekend. Summer is not here for very long and we have to take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine while it lasts. Saturdays should be spent outside instead of cleaning our homes and running errands; Sundays should be spent enjoying the sunshine instead of lazing around on our couch.  If we enjoy some new activities, visit new places, and take weekend road trips we can afford to take several mini weekend vacations all throughout the summer. This saves us money because we don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on just one vacation. We can save up regularly and spend a little bit of money on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis on the weekends.

Stay Cool.  It’s hot in the summer time so finding budget friendly activities to keep us cool is definitely a good idea.  It also turns out that trying to keep cool in the summer actually involves lots of fun activities such as making fruity drinks in our blender, eating popsicles, having water fights, and taking a swim in the pool, a lake, or the ocean (depending on where you live).  It’s also a budget friendly and fun idea to relax and watch a movie in an air conditioned movie theatre.

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