Friday Roundup: New Year, New Beginnings, Twitter Promises & Our Book Winner

by Kristina Tahnyak on December 30, 2011 · 1 comment

champagneHappy Friday Dinks and (almost) Happy New Year to Everyone!

Today we have some big announcements on DINKS Finance.  First off today we will be announcing the lucky winner in our Giveaway of a copy of the book Shiny Objects by James A. Roberts.  Secondly we will be announcing the new partnerships that we have created with DINKS Finance.  I have also joined a new Social Media Site that will allow DINKS Finance to connect with our lovely readers in new ways. Last but not least we will be sharing our favourite posts with you from around the web.  This is a very exciting day so let’s get started.

1. The lucky winner of a copy of the book Shiny Objects by James A. Roberts is our #2 comment by Carrie @ Careful Cents.  Carrie please contact us so that we can mail you a copy of the book.  The winner was chosen at Random…I asked my boyfriend Nick to pick a number between 1 and 15 and he chose #2.  Congratulations Carrie.

2. Over the past few months DINKS Finance has been working on several partnerships with different Financial, Couples, and Money Management Websites.  Today DINKS Finance is proud to announce our new working partnerships with Go Banking Rates, Dink Life, and Adaptu.

  • Go Banking Rates makes Personal Finance Easy.  DINKS connected with Go Banking Rates last Fall at the Personal Finance Blogger Conference in Chicago and we have been living happily ever after ever since.  Go Banking Rates is an informative personal finance site that makes both money and finance fun.  They discuss topics that are important to people of all ages whether we are a financial beginner who is learning about managing our budget or we are an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal who is looking for new industry trends. My first article on Go Banking Rates was published on December 12; it is titled “Family or Finance? Travel Versus Staying Home During the Holidays” Tell us DINKS what did you do/are you doing during this holiday season?
  • Dink Life  shares stories about the Dual Income No Kids experience and lifestyle.  Dink Life allows Dink Couples to meet other childless couples in their area.  Dink Life is a great resource for Dinks to find friends, share personal experiences, join an online support group, as well as look for career opportunities.  Our first collaboration with Dink Life tells the story of how Dinks try to balance their work life and their home lives in the post “Learning to Like My Job and Love My Spouse”
  • Adaptu is a money management website which is both informative and interactive.  Adaptu is currently in the process of re-launching their website platform.  We should expect to see my articles online after the new design is released in January 2012.

3. In other breaking news (LOL) I have finally joined Google+, if you are Googling please add me into your circles so we can connect.

4. I hope you all have a very Happy New Year.  The New Year is about starting over and making changes.  Check out these posts from around the web about change and new beginnings:

  • Adam Baker @ Man vs Debt has started a Podcast.  Check out his first episode titled “Your Big Why and Defining Your Freedom”
  • Katie @ Girl With The Red Balloon has made a Twitter Promise with several other Personal Finance Bloggers to Get Fit and Get Healthy in 2012.   I have also joined the #TwitterWorkoutPromise and dedicated myself to working out every other day, eating only 1500 maximum each day, and losing 20 pounds by June 1.  The #TwitterWorkoutPromise is about getting fit at our own pace with the support of our Twitter Friends.
  • Suzanne Cramer @ Enemy of Debt has decided to have a new attitude about money in 2012. See how her views of money will change in the post “Changing My money mind in 2012”

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