DINKS may not be DINKS Forever!

Good Morning DINKS.  As you may know I am 31 years old and I live with my boyfriend Nick.  We have been together for a long time and when we were younger Nick did want to get married and have kids.  Now that we are older my boyfriend swears that he never wants to get married and/or have kids.  I am not sure if he doesn’t want to get married to and have kids with me, or if he doesn’t want to get married and have kids in general.

I can almost pin point the exact moment in our relationship when my boyfriend Nick decided that he did not want to have kids (with me).  A few years ago we were sitting on the couch one night watching Television and I mentioned that if we are going to have kids we should start the process soon because we want the kid to be out of our home by the time we retire.  This way we can go back to enjoying the rest of our life together.

My boyfriend’s response was “You aren’t even pregnant yet and you are already planning to kick the kid out of the house.” Ever since that day my boyfriend decided that he doesn’t want to have kids (with me).

I personally didn’t (and still don’t) see the problem with my comment.  First of all I like to plan ahead, that’s just who I am.  Secondly both my boyfriend and I moved away from home at 18 years old and there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.  We have been on our own for a long time and (once again in my opinion) we both turned out just fine.  I understand that kids need guidance from their parents, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be living under the same roof and be kept on a tight leash.  Life is all about trying new things and learning from our mistakes, right?

All this to say that my boyfriend Nick and I are not planning to have kids anytime soon but who knows what the future holds.  Maybe one day we will wake up, develop the parental gene, and want to have children together.  Being a DINK is definitely a lifestyle that we are both accustom to; however, we are getting older and our kid clock is quickly running out.

Are you and your DINK spouse planning to have kids anytime soon?

Just in case some of you DINKS are thinking about having kids, here are some things that you should do with your spouse before you decide to have kids:

– Travel.  It is definitely more expensive to travel as a family of four rather than as a couple.  When you have kids your family vacation destinations will be Disneyland and not Romantic Retreats. So take advantage of having less baggage and travel while you are a DINK.

– Enjoy Your Time With Each Other.  Families can be chaotic.  If you are thinking of having kids enjoy and cherish the time alone with your spouse because once you have kids your free time becomes all about them.

– Sleep. From what I understand parents are sleep deprived.  This alone is enough of a reason for me to keep taking my monthly DINK pills.  I love sleeping.

– Focus on Your Career.  It is best to work hard before having children in order to make sure that your dream job will still be there when you get back from having a baby.

– Have Some Money in the Bank.  If you can’t afford to live as a DINK then you should not think about having kids.  Enough Said!

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