Weekly Roundup: The NBA All Star Weekend, Sports, Money, and Financial Decisions

by Kristina Tahnyak on February 25, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Friday DINKS! Last weekend was the NBA All Star Weekend and because I am in a couple with a sports fanatic I have learned to grin and bare it during major sporting events.  I honestly do not like sports, but I watch sporting events with my boyfriend Nick. 

More recently I have taken an interest in sports news because there is actually a thin line between personal finance and the finance of sports management.  After all of the glitz and glamour being a professional athlete is a job just like any other.  Being an NBA superstar consists of good days, bad days, financial decisions, investments, and money management.

The news surrounding the NBA All Star Weekend was the impending contract renewal/trade of NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony .  If you are unfamiliar with this story, Carmelo Anthony is a 26 year old superstar who has his own shoe line, clothing line, and several other business ventures.  He invests in real estate and cars.  He is happily married (to a former MTV VJ) with 2 young children. 

Carmelo Anthony has played his entire NBA career with the same team in Denver Colorado.  His contract is now up for renewal and he is considering leaving the town that made him an All Star.  Carmelo Anthony must make a financial decision whether to sign a contract extension with his current team, or relocate to a new city and transfer to a new team.

Does this story sound familiar? It is because we witnessed a similar story with Lebron James not too long ago.  When his contract was up in his hometown of Cleveland, Lebron James chose to relocate to Miami.  This was a multimillion dollar deal that has turned out to be a not so profitable investment for the Miami NBA Franchise.

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